Thursday, April 18, 2013

IUGR, Early Delivery, Irish Twins?!

I am feeling a little discouraged and worried after our appointment today. At our last growth ultrasound, Charlotte had dropped from the 12th percentile down to the 9th percentile. You could see that it was just barely off of her growth curve. We spoke about my diet, and the fact that I hadn't gained too much weight, and made a plan include a lot more protein and vegetables into our diet.

For three weeks, I have been reaching for healthy snacks, and including one huge protein and frozen fruit smoothie AND one large vegetable juice and frozen fruit smoothie into my daily diet. 

Going in this morning, Tim and I were certain that Charlotte would not only be at least in the 9th percentile, but probably higher. My belly looks so much bigger, her movements have gotten so much bigger, and I have gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks! Certainly this was ll pointing to only one thing, right?!

Uuuuhhhh, no. Apparently not. While Charlotte gained some weight, which is good, she moved off of her curve even more and is is the 5th percentile. 

What does this mean for the babe? It means that she has three more weeks to get her act together, or we induce at 37 weeks. We will measure again in three weeks like usual, but I failed to ask what percentile she would need to leap to in order to let her stay. I mean, what if she flies up to the 10th percentile? Is that good enough, or does she need to get into the 20th? 

At some point, she will probably grown better outside than inside, and I think I read that after 37 weeks with IUGR there is a higher risk of stillborn. Poke me in the eyeball, that is one of my worst fears. Now, I am completely terrified when she goes longer than 30 minutes without a big kick or punch or roll.... worried that she has all of a sudden passed.

This pregnancy has been so stressful! I had wanted to let her stay in until 40+ weeks to let her fatten up, but now we are talking early induction because she is just not growing at the right rate! 

For about 8 weeks now, I have heard so many times, "I can't believe everything is ok now!", and I wanted so badly to explain that, "No, actually everything is NOT ok now", even though in my head they still kinda seemed to be in the normal range. Now, here we are with scary figures in front of us. I am ready to be not pregnant anymore, and I am so ready to meet this sweet fighter of a girl, but I want it to happen at the right time. 

Please keep praying for Charlotte to grow!

Also- keep in mind that Hunter's birthday is May 17, and I turn 37 weeks on May 18. That pretty much counts as Irish Twins, right?

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Bluebonnet Sneak Peek!

We got our family pictures taken last night, and I am beyond excited to see the rest! Lucky for us, our photographer gives you a few sneak peek pictures!

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Spring Break

With Spring Break getting further and further behind us, I wanted to share some pictures before too many fun things happened in the meantime! It was jam packed with rodeo, play dates at the park, and Hunter's first inflatable pool in the backyard! 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April To-Do's

Ahhhhh, the month of April is here! I can't believe that Charlotte is due in just two months and 5 days, AND the month is super packed with...... stuff. School stuff, family stuff, Hunter stuff, and baby stuff. When we add one extra thing to our normal schedule, the day seems to fly by. Even one tiny little thing like a quick appointment or a school schedule change up seems to run off with the day. I am both dreading and excitedly awaiting the end of the month. Dreading because I need to catch up on staff development hours and they are due at the end of the month, and I will be almost out of time for party planning. I am also super excited though, because we will be one month closer to meeting baby girl and will be hitting the 34 week mark! 

Let's take a little look-see:

March 31- Easter..... Fun family weekend!

April 3- Dr's appointment with the specialist to check cord flow

April 4 and 5- Dr's appointment with OB, possibly to get steroid shots for Charlotte's lungs in case she decides to come super early. Hoping she does NOT.

April 4- Storytime reader for the kindergarteners in my life (even one little change up seems to make the day go faster)

April 6- Spring Fling at school!

April 7- Bluebonnet photo session with the photographer

April 10- Dr's appointment with the specialist to check cord flow AND with OB for regular 31 week check up

April 11- Storytime reader for kindergarten kiddos :) Again, it's the little things!

April 18- Ultrasound appointment to check on growth, so excited!!

April 18- Storytime reader!

April 25- probably will have another ultrasound  for cord flow with specialist AND an appointment with OB for our regular 33 week check up

April 25- Storytime Reader!

April 25th- Baby 'Sprinkle' for Charlotte from coworkers

April 27- Baby 'Sprinkle' hosted by my mom at an adorable little tea room!

And that ends April!

Keep in mind that the whole time, I will be getting more and more pregnant, and Hunter will be closer and closer to turning ONE!! That means that every extra moment that I have in April will be spent party prepping :) I have sock monkeys on my mind!

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