Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Son Loves to Prove me Wrong!

I swear, Hunter waits until the MINUTE that I post his update talking about the things that he can't do, and then he decides to do them. He likes to make me sweat it out.

I wrote that he wasn't rolling over yet. The morning that I posted that he couldn't do it, I laid him down to take his 5 month comparison pics, and while doing that, he rolled over from back to belly! Then I switched the camera to video mode and he did it again! It was almost like I could hear him say, "Mom, I KNEW how to do it, I just really didn't want to!"

I also wrote that he could sit by himself for about 5-7 second by himself. Ummmm, yeah, try he can sit by himself for a few minutes. He can even keep his balance as he bounces up and down and reaches for toys. Really the only things that get him are lunging forward for things which results in a face plant and swaying too fast sideways and he will just fall completely over, but still in the sitting position. It is pretty funny! Here is a video:

I already wrote all about how he likes to hold his bottles, but now he REALLY likes to hold them. He will sometimes only drink if he is holding it. He also likes to look around. I know he is going to be just like his daddy and only eat when he has to. If there are exciting things going on, Hunter can go forever with out eating. If the exciting things are still going on, he will only eat enough to take the edge off, and then go right back to enjoying whatever had his attention before! His daddy can go a whole day getting ready for fishing or working on a project, then all of a sudden realize he is starving because he didn't eat ALL day. Eats only enough lo live, I tell you.

Hunter is aslo sleeping unswaddled now. I am so happy for the change, since he is the only 5 month old I know who still needed it to sleep. Whatever got him to sleep, though, am I right?  

He did go through a rough week or two where he was waking up through the night and I was so worried he decided to take backwards steps in his wonderful sleeping habits. We finally figured out that he was just hungry. He usually got dinner (oatmeal with veggie or fruit) at 6:30, then a bath at 7:15, then a rice bottle at 7:45ish. He would fall asleep during his bottle and be out for the night. When he started waking up, we were under the impression, "We know he CAN go through without eating, so he must not be hungry". We were wrong. We changed his routine to dinner at 6:30, part of rice bottle at 7:00 until he seemed sleepy, bath, finish bottle. That was all he needed. A full 6 ounce rice bottle before bed and he is back to his usual 7:45-6:00 schedule and we LOVE it. He must have a had a growth spurt, or that fact that he isn't eating as much during the day because he is paying attention to everything under the sun while eating was catching up with him in the middle of the night. My poor man. I remember rocking him back to sleep for 45 minutes determined to not feed him. He woke up 30 min later. I finally fed him, and then he slept. I can't imagine how hungry he was! My. Poor. Baby.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hunter Monthly: 5 months

I remember last month saying that I thought month 4 was going to be BIG in terms of his development, and I was so right.

He can now look at something and grab it. If you are holding something, he wants it and just has to play with it! He will directly grab something, without hesitation or fumbling around. He can also pass it back and forth between hands.

Hunter is also enjoying his new toy, the Johnny Jump-up:

His little eyebrows and big, round eyes make him look so surprised!

When he is doing tummy tinme, he will look all around and follow you with his eyes. The other day, I vacuumed and he watched me the whole time going back and forth. Sometimes I play a Bubble Guppies song for him to watch:

I can now see why Bumbo's can be unsafe. I am not sure that the seat belt would help a ton, though.  He just has to have whatever is behind him, and even if you move the bumbo so that the object is now in front of him or beside him, he wants what is now behind him! But on this day, he was pretty excited to hear his friend Mitt Romney in the debate:

Still NOT rolling from back to belly. He will roll off his belly about 50% of the time, and will twist and half roll to his belly, but he really just doesn't want to do it!

He wants to sit up so bad! In the bath, we have a tub with one side for reclining and one side for sitting. He is too little and has such a rounded back that the sitting side just doesn't work, but he will not lay back any more on the reclining side!

He can sit without help for about 5-7 seconds before falling over. With a little bit of guidance, he can sit for minutes at a time before wiggling away!
He is such a wiggle worm! It really seems that he is just going to crawl away at any moment by the way he lunges forward out of your arms. Sometimes I lay him down and let him go to what he wanted, but he still just lays there, haha! He is also really trying to crawl. He gets his legs really far under him, and then launches forward. These were all taken in a row: (yes those are fruits that we make him play with....)

He loves going on walks, but only if he can sit like a big boy. I am glad that the weather is getting a touch cooler, so that when I put him in the stroller, I can leave the car seat in the car and we won't come back to a 150 degree seat for him! He is so good at the mall, and I think it is because he can look all around. Plus, he likes all of the attention he gets for being so ridiculously good looking :)

He LOVES the dogs. Whenever one unfortunate soul gets too close, he is ready to grab them (eyes, ears, whatever). Whenever you pet Sophie, she tends to roll over so you scratch her belly. She will even do it just when she thinks you are going to pet her. She happened to do it while Hunter was laying on the floor and she laid right in between his arm and belly. He wrapped his arm around her so fast and so tight and with the biggest grin on his little face. Of course, I had to get the camera and try to recreate the moment, but Sophie was not going to have it. In the few seconds that she was actually in his arms reach, I got this:
He is such a GREAT eater. He loves fresh avocados mixed with oatmeal and water. He opens his mouth, and will swallow almost the whole bite without spitting much out. He is also really enjoying holding his own bottle. He can do it for about a minute at a time.

He got to go to a pumpkin patch with hid friend Brynna, and got to wear his sweater and warm bear hat that we bought this summer in Montana.

In addition to doing lots of first things, Hunter also got some BIG news in his 5th month of life. He found out he is going to be a BIG brother! He is pretty excited :)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

HUGE Announcement

So, I guess I should let the cat out of the bag :)

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Just How Far Along Am I?

We have absolutely NO clue how far along we are. I could have gotten pregnant as early as 6 weeks after Hunter was born, but I find that highly unlikely! I was still strictly breastfeeding, and that is supposed to be a natural birth control.

I started formula when Hunter was about 10 weeks old, so I guess it could have happened then, but I still find that highly unlikely.

We also could be super freshly pregnant and only be 4 weeks along. I am going to go with this but in the back of my head I am thinking I may be just a touch over that mark. Before getting sick, and had been getting a weird back cramp/ache and actually figured I must be getting ready to start my period (not that I remember what it is like to have a period, since I haven't had one in over year....). Then, Tim lost our camera and video camera, and I cried. I cried like my dog died. Then I saw a commercial for sour cream and onion Lays, and just HAD to have them.  I even made Tim go to the store for me to get them. Then, I got sick for a week and was living on Saltines. Then I just HAD to have this certain yogurt.

Back-ache? Emotional? Craving? Sickness?

All this leaves me thinking I could be up to 6 weeks along.

OK- I was wrong.When I wrote the above, I was just barely 3 weeks and 5 days along. Wow, talk about finding out super early! When I went in for my ultrasound a week after I found out, I was estimated to be 4 weeks and 5 days along. Ugh. We will get a better estimate in two weeks when there is a baby to measure!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Thompson 2.0

Even as I type this, I am still in a little bit of shock mode. Baby Thompson 2.0?

A tummy bug was going around our area, and in my family, so when I felt sick for a day I thought it was just this bug that I can never seem to avoid! Then, the next day I was REALLY sick; and the next couple of days I was just feeling icky again. One of my work friends asked if I was pregnant, and I looked at her with big huge alien eyes, because ummmm, hello? I JUST had a baby! 4 short months ago!

Then I got to thinking about it... A week of being sick? No birth control? Could it be? No way! It took 2 years to get pregnant with Hunter, TWO years!

As I was walking through Target to get some yogurt that I just HAD to have, I bit the bullet and bought a test. At least that way I would know one way or the other, right?

I got home, and was actually excited to take the test. Hunter was being really good playing in his exersaucer, so I took the test. I kinda forgot about it for a half hour or so, I ran around the house playing with my precious child, and when I finally made it back over to the test... it was positive. Oh so positive. 

I went through a mix of emotions, laughing, smiling, being in shock, scared, nervous..... bouncing from one emotion to the next like a ping pong ball.

The next thing I had to do was tell Tim. He was going to be a daddy... again! I was nervous to tell him, because he had just said a few weeks ago that we couldn't have another baby for a while because how in the world would he get two babies ready in the morning?

I waited until the next day, because I wanted to take another test just to be sure. This time, I took a digital. I took a video of this test because I remember from last pregnancy that I wanted more video of everything, especially people's reaction to the news. Even though I have already seen one positive test, you can hear the shock in my voice. I also started recording, then it quit, so I started recording again just in time, but that explains me saying, "Well, that was a bust...." I turned it on again juuuust in time:

Tim was now fighting the stomach bug, so I really wanted to wait until he was feeling better to share the news. I had planned on buying a onesie that said "Big Brother", then having Tim get him dressed, and seeing how long it took him to notice. I wanted to make it fun! (not scary!)

Instead, this is how it all went down:

Hunter was having a grand old time trying to push back his bedtime, just smiling away at me. Tim came out of the bedroom to join the fun, and was talking so sweetly to Hunter. He was telling him how much he loved him, and loved being a daddy. Since he in such a good mood, I said, "I need to tell you something". Then, it was like I went mute for a good minute. I couldn't say anything.... until I said everything. I blurted it out. He was shocked, but I have to say, he was way less shocked than I was!

I still wish that I would have waited until he was feeling better, so that we could have hugged and kissed and enjoyed the moment together. But hugging and kissing someone who has been home sick all day just didn't seem all that appealing to this pregnant lady! We shared in our shock, our excitement, and gender predictions together. I am so glad that he was so even keeled about it all! Have you ever heard/read the saying, "I never knew how much I loved your daddy, until I saw how much he loved you?".... I have seen that to be true already, and I just KNOW that it will be twice as true as this pregnancy moves along!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby Baylor Bear

Here is my little Baylor Bear :)

Loving Hunter's fall clothes as much as I thought I would when I bought them a year ago!

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