Friday, September 27, 2013

4 months!!

 4 months!!

Don't worry..... even she knows she's gorgeous!

Working on holder her own bottle

So basically this month is going to be me showing off my adorable daughter. I mean, seriously, should we get Gap on the phone ASAP, or what?

She had been sleeping through the night until about a week ago, and she now gets up once per night. She has been running a fever, and we are praying it is just teething... she has ALL the other signs (chewing, drooling, slight runny nose). Of course, mommy and daddy were overloaded with information after our amnio and hearing that she may possibly be a carrier for something called Nephropathic Systinosis is always in the back of our minds. What does that look like? How do we test? Is she really one of the 200 people in world that has it?

The sleep thing. If I were to give her a bottle she would go right back down, but we did that with Hunter and the pediatrician always told us that they CAN sleep through the night at 4 months. So- I get up with her, and rock her back to sleep. if she were in her crib, I would probably let her have about 5 minutes to try to get back to sleep on her own, but she is swaddled in the Rock N' Play in our room so I try to get her back down. Hoping this passes soon.

She is still wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. These are actually still kind of big on her, but the newborn things are definitely too small, so we are in the middle.

We started rice or oatmeal in her bottles at night, but are holding off on the veggies until another month. I was kind of bummed, but she needs the calories from her high calorie formula more than carrots!

She is super smiley and such a happy baby! The weather is cooling off a little in the evenings (sometimes....) so we hang out in the driveway while Hunter runs around. The other day, she was just watching him and laughing so hard! Althought it is early, I can tell that they are going to be best of friends.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Charlotte Monthly: 3 months

3 months old!!!

Charlotte has the pacifier...

...Hunter steals the pacifier...

....and now it's getting shoved in her face. Day. In. The. Life.

Actually, this is more acurate, Hunter loves is baby sister!

We matched on purpose

Our first famly picture! And Hunter is in his messy fashion, as per usual!

Blowing lots of bubbles these days!

She is my beauty queen!

Obsessed with her wubbanub!

Already a daddy's girl

It was inevitable. Bound to happen, I tell you! I am one whole month behind, because Little Miss actually just turned FOUR months old!

This will be a picture update, just so that I can get all caught up! I think after her 4 month update, I will actually do brother/sister updates. It is really hard keeping up with separate folders on my desktop, and I think it will be better to just keep monthly folders for the whole family rather than a folder for each child. Monthly updates WILL continue, though, because I love going back through Hunter's old updates and seeing where he was and what he was doing at each age.

Charlotte just grew out of her newborn clothes! I packed them up and sent them across the street for my sister in law who just found out that she is having a baby girl in March! Yay for cousins close in age!

She is still wearing size 1 diapers, but I do think that she will be ready to move up to a size 2 as soon as we use up our size 1 stash. Growing girl!

Charlotte is such a happy baby! I feel so, so blessed that not only do we have our miracle baby here and in our arms, but she is a happy girl who will just sit and smile at everybody!

She is meeting all of her milestones, and is SO close to rolling over! 

She is eating 4-5 ounces per bottle, and has been sleeping through the night since turning 2 months old. Life saver for mommy!!