Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Nursery: Day 3

I am SO excited right now! Hunter's furniture came in a whole six weeks early, and of course I begged and begged for Tim to pick it up as soon as possible!  It is even prettier and nicer than I remember, and I can't wait for more nursery goodies to arrive!

Here is a picture of the first thing to go up, the window cornice box and the curtains. We have had this up for a while, but I didn't want to put up a picture of just one tiny thing! Also notice that the crown moulding is all up, Tim and Jason did a wonderful job. It is amazing at how one little thing makes a huge difference in a room!

Tonight, we got the furniture assembled....

We also put the bedding in the crib...

And we (and here when I say 'we' I mean Tim...) moved the furniture around to all of the different configurations that the room would allow and decided where the furniture would go. I know that when he can stand in the crib, something needs to move, either the curtains or the crib, but for now this is where it is going...

On the wall across from the window is the door. To the right of the door is the nightstand (not pictured for some reason), and to the right of that, angled near the dresser/hutch will be the glider. We are waiting to order it because we are hoping for Babies R Us gift cards so that we can put it towards the glider/rocker. I know once we get it, I will probably sit in his room and imagine what life will be like in a matter of weeks, so it is probably good that it is not here yet, haha!

Now the question is... Where do I put the letters for his name? I ordered a set off of Etsy, and I am worried they are too large now. I am for sure thinking they are too large to center over the crib, which I already knew, but I was thinking they could be centered on the wall over his crib, but now that can't happen because the crib had to be a little closer to the window than I anticipated. I can put them over the hutch, centered on that wall, but that means I need something perfect to go above the crib since I have been thinking that area will have the name 'Hunter' sprawled across it for so long now.  Oh well, I guess that just means more Etsy shopping for me!

Also, I am totally aware that the wood on the window cornice box is many shades lighter than the furniture. I am thinking that when we get more wall decor up, it will look ok. I knew that it would be much darker, but the metal accents on the box almost match the furniture exactly so I thought it would flow.... Any thoughts?


  1. how big are the letters? Can they set on the shelf part of the hutch? That could be cute? You should take butcher paper and mark out the size of the letters and tape them up in various places to see what they would look like before putting them up. I love your bedding... we have the chevron pattern going on as well and I think it's just so fun!

  2. Very nice Jenny and Tim! Get the glider as soon as you can because one of the nicest things you can do is sit in the nursery and dream about the future and how much fun it is going to be when Hunter actually arrives!

  3. WOW, I am seriously LOVING the curtains and valance :D The crib bedding is just beautiful! I cant wait to look at all your older post!

    Jeni@ Becoming Martha