Saturday, June 2, 2012

Post Pregnancy: Week 2

Hunter and I on his 2 week birthday!

 Two week belly:

My, how my life has changed. The new show I am obsessed with, along with my new nightstand goodies :) Pre-pumped milk for the midnight-ish wake up, nursing pads are a must all day with me, phone, and video monitor. He seems to fall to sleep fast at this certain wake up time if he is fed from a bottle. 

I still have three pounds to go in order to be back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I would like to lose at least 7 more in order to be closer to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight. Remember how I wrote about my slow weight gain while trying to get pregnant? Well, I got pregnant, and now want to get back to my original weight! Although I heard someone say about their post-partum weight loss, "It's not the weight, it's the shape".... and she was so right! I may have almost the same number on the scale, but if you look above, you will see that I look much more flabby than before!

On all other fronts, I feel pretty much the same as before. No more swelling (that I can see), unless I claim my new flab as swelling in the belly area, haha! I do seem to have a different kind of energy. I only get 1-2 hours of sleep at a time, for a total of about 5-6 hours each night, yet I am somewhat productive through out the day.... If I need a nap I will take one, but this week I think I only took one. I even managed to go grocery shopping this week, get some laundry done, as well as clean out my classroom on evening... with a baby in tow!

Next step is to buy some new shoes so that I can take a real walk and get these muscles working again!


  1. You absolutely do not look flabby, you look wonderful! I am so glad you are doing so well. Make sure you don't do too much too fast or it will take you longer to stop bleeding or if you have stopped it will start again... I didn't stop bleeding until almost 3 months pp with Mason. Thankfully this time around I only bled for a week. Congrats though, hun... You and Hunter look amazing!

  2. OMG! He is adorable!
    Also, you look great! It really is so true that the shape is what changes most. Sydney is turning three in September and I am still having issues with getting my shape back. I would just get to a place that your happy with on your own. :-)
    I also love that he is sleeping in his crib. I will definitely start that with baby number two! I waited way too long with Sydney and think I would like to start crib from day one with the next!
    I hope your having a fabulous day!