Monday, April 23, 2012

Burlap Bunting

I have been seeing a ton of really cute DIY crafty ideas using burlap ever since the fall, and I just HAD to jump on the bandwagon! The other bandwagon I had to jump on was the cute maternity photo with the parents holding up a banner (some people call it bunting...?)  with their babe-to-be's name written on it. So cute. Put the two together, and this is what I came up with!

Materials needed: 
  • burlap 
  • paper
  • fabric scraps
  • ribbon 
  • hot glue gun
First you need to decide how large you want each flag to be, and make a tracer template. I found a piece of paper that I liked the top width of, folded it in half to find the center, then made a little dot on the bottom. From there, I used a straight edge to connect the bottom center dot with each top corner to make a perfect triangle. 

Obviously, the next step is to cut the triangle out and trace however many flags you need onto the burlap. By the way, burlap is available at Hobby Lobby now! (I also recently stumbled upon pre-cut burlap triangular flags for a banner at Hobby Lobby in the chipboard/scrapbook section, but they are much smaller than what I wanted.) 
Also, once you know the size of your flags, you can find a font that you like and print them in that size. If you would rather free hand it, then go for it! I just didn't trust myself! Here are my letters:
Line up your flags on top of the paper and get to painting! Trust me, you CAN see the letters through the burlap.
 After I painted, I lifted the material off the paper, and just moved it. I am not sure if it would have stuck too badly, but as you can see, there was some bleed-through. 

Here is where the picture taking stopped. Ok, well, it didn't stop, but they were deleted because I thought they were already saved to my computer and I needed the space on my SD card. Boo. You can visualize it, though, because it's definitely not rocket science!

Choose a ribbon that you like, and that matches your color scheme, I chose brown. Basically, brown is part of all my color schemes... I'm pretty predictable!

I tied the ribbon across my kitchen cabinets onto the handles, and hot glued the flags on. I didn't glue them too close together because I wanted little fabric strips to hang in between. I cut thin (about an inch wide) strips of fabric that also matched my color scheme, and tied a couple in between each letter and a few the outside. After that, you're done!

I had quite a bit of burlap left, so I figured I would try another cute idea that I have seen. One of my friends got married, and I had seen this cute poster that said "Thank-you". I wasn't sure what it was for, but when I got her thank you card, it all made sense! They had taken an adorable picture of them holding the sign on their wedding day, and turned it into a notecard!

I followed the same routine, but made smaller flags since the word is longer than 'Hunter', and made a Thank-you banner! The only difference is that I free-handed the letters, which was honestly just as easy as trying to 'trace' the paper underneath. Then I googled, "postcard from photo", and snapfish pulled up exactly what I wanted.  I uploaded my photo, and was all ready to order my 99 cent per post card thank-you notes, and then thought I would try my luck with my good friend google again. This time, I tried 'snapfish coupon codes'. I found a 40% off coupon code, which saved me $10! I was pretty stoked! Here is the final product!

I have seen so many adorable burlap bunting signs on Pinterest, all you have to do is search!

Also, please keep in mind that husband did NOT want to participate in any of these photos being taken, much less have to run back and forth using the self timer on the camera. I hope it doesn't show in the pictures!

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from Kurtz corner. Love you bunting.. and I love that you revealed your babies name with it! So so so cute :)