Monday, October 28, 2013

Shabby Chic Charlotte

I have been so busy lately!! Two children under the age of two while also working a full time job is crazy enough as it is, but adding extra little jobs on top of it has me really running around!

One extra thing that I did, or maybe I should say tried to do, is having a booth at a craft show! I was so excited, then the day before and the morning of, I was SO nervous! I think that it is going somewhere, spending a ton of prep time, having people essentially 'judging' your work, and then having to pack up and go home is a big stress builder! 

The show had the potential to be a success, I sold quite a few items in the first few hours, but then the torrential rain started in. Of course, people took shelter, and then high tailed it home as soon as they could. Myself included. The next morning, it was still raining, so I told myself that I was going to pack up and go home. It turned out to be a pretty good idea to have that mindset because the fair turned out to be canceled due to rain by the time that I got there. Luckily we were packed up and home in time for lunch!

I get plenty of orders from Etsy and Facebook Beg, Buy, Barter and Sell ______ (insert my city name) and that keeps me busy as well!

I would like to invite you to 'Like' my facebook page so that you can partake in my buy one, get one half off deal. I have also started selling the most adorable baby leg warmers on the planet, as well as some adorable applique onesies! The link to my facebook page is here:

Mommies of little girls, I would love to sell to people outside of my facebook orders!

Shown is a distressed teal onesie, gray chevron baby legs, and teal ranunculus flower headband

Baby Legs available in pink/white chevron, red/white chevron, gray/white chevron, orange/black chevron, or football (brown with white lacing down the side) with lace ruffles! One pair for $9 or two for $15! 

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