Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcoming Blog

Hey y'all! I have finally caved and joined the blogging world!! I have always liked the idea, and have actually tried one once (a loooong time ago!!), but I only posted once and kinda just quit. Boo. Anyways, I am trying again, and I think this time it will stick because I discovered some super cute backgrounds and am hoping to change them with the seasons!

I seriously hope I don't scare anyone off with my very first blog, but this is supposed to be like a diary, right? Well, this is my life.... at least it was my life today, when the stench greeted me at the front door....

That's right. My beloved dog, the one that I am obsessed with, went to the bathroom in his ginormous kennel. (I am a kindergarten teacher, and I speak the kindergarten language even when I get home, oops). So, yes, he went to the bathroom, in his kennel, in the office, which is on carpet. His wire kennel. Are you getting a visual? Yeah, so I was on the phone with Tim, saying how I was excited that I was getting home early because I was starving so I could just go in and make a little something and then take care of the dogs, and as I walk in the door I am greeted by a horrid stench. As I am cleaning out his massive kennel I see that the bulk of it is not in the kennel, but on the wall and carpet BEHIND his kennel. On the carpet that is right up against the wood baseboards. Yeah, fun. So, anywhoo, after a long day of teaching my kindergarteners, I have to clean this up, all on a day when I have already told my mom that I am going to ride her horse.


Here is a picture of my dog, Texas, that I still love, but this is a picture of us when I love him just a tiny bit more that I loved him when I got home... ;)


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Heidi's Doberman used to do the same thing.

    Oh, a shameless plug...

  2. I didn't get the bed. But I have an old wooden twin bed at my mom's house that is almost identical. It's natural wood though so I'm thinking of painting it that rusty white color. The bed itself was a few thousand dollars. Not to mention all the vintage white linens. That store is super pricey. It's off West Gray. I love going there for inspiration. :]

  3. That sounds like a day in my life - only I'm usually dealing with kids doing it!