Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OCD Dog?

Can a dog be OCD? I think that mine is. You know how some OCD people act totally normal except they have to tap the light switch 1o times before they leave the room? Well, I think my dog is one of those kinds, kind of a 'mild' OCD. You see, he has these little quirks that my husband and I put up with, but when with friends and the conversation turns to him, we always notice that we say, "Oh, he does this really weird thing..."

One of the wierd things is that he will not get out of his kennel, unless he first grabs his toy. His HUGE toy. If we have confiscated the disgusting, smelly stuffed animal, he will grab is other go-to 'toy'. I say 'toy', because it is really a blanket. But he has a way of stuffing the entire blanket into his mouth so it is really balled up pretty nicely. I always take him to potty immediately after releasing him from the kennel, but I don't want the toy to go outside, so I take it and toss it aside from the door. He will go potty, and careen around the door to get his toy of the day.

The other wierd thing that he does is that he will not...... go number 'two' until he has had a drink of water! I am totally serious! He will walk circles around the house, his clues that he has to go, but when we take him out he won't go. Then we give him water, and he will go straight to his corner and go!

I don't know, OCD? Maybe. Wierd quirky dog? For sure!

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  1. I think they are just like children, each dog has their own sets of quirks! I know mine do for sure!!! =) hehe