Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day!

So on Friday, we had a snow day at school, and it was almost perfect timing for me. You see, I have been planning this trip to New Orleans for Superbowl for oohhhh.... about a year now, and I was already planning on taking a three day weekend by taking Monday off work. We were going to fly, so that we wouldn't have to drive 6 hours, and make the trip a little bit more leisurely. Well, this alleged snow storm that was going to blast Houston created an extra day. At first, I was thinking, "Great! One more day to do laundry, pack, and travel!" Well, this storm (which only consisted of ICE) only created drama for the Thompson Travel Team. I was off work, and Tim's work was so slow that he was able to leave earlier that the originally planned 8:00 PM. So now we had options... either wait until 8:00 and risk a bunch of delays, or drive and be stuck in the car for 6 or 7 hours... and be stuck driving back on Monday making for a much less fun Sunday evening. All of this debate for a bunch of annoying ice!!

Its always nice to get an extra day off work, and I loved being able to sleep in on Friday. Did not love de-icing my car, but at least I got to use my cool ice scraper!

Anywhoo... we decided on driving, but more on that and the rest of the New Orleans trip in another post!!

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