Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're Just Like You, Only Prettier

My 2nd trip to the rodeo this year was A-mazing!! My dad got us his set of 6 season tickets for Miranda Lambert, and we quickly decided on a girls night. It was a flipping blast!! The timing was perfect, seeing how it was smack dab in the middle of Spring Break and all. It ended up being a teacher's night out, along with my freshman dorm-mate. We decided to get up there early so that we could meet all of our goals for the day... yes, we had some goals for the day.

Goal 1: Find a fried snickers. Ever since the idea was brought up about rodeo, I had not heard the end of these fried snickers from April. Everyone else was pretty skeptical, especially myself, but after waiting in a LONG line with other fried food lovers, we left with 2 fried snickers. I had a bite of April's, and all I can say is YUM. I know, right? Who would have thought that a chocolate candy bar could be so delishous? Not me. But, I can admit when I am wrong, and will definitely make that a once a year treat.

Goal 2: Pappasito's Nachos... see the post about me going shopping with my mom. Goal complete. NOT. They were out of tortilla chips. Let me repeat. They were OUT of tortilla chips. They were out of tortilla CHIPS. What?! How can a restaurant that sells NACHOS, be out of chips? Crap. We settled on quesadillas. Lucky for them, they were pretty yummy.

Goal 3: Shop. We ended up walking around the shops for about an hour or so, but I don't think that one of us purchased a single thing! It is kind of hard to shop there in general, unless you go really early, or you don't mind crowded stores; but with a group of 5 ladies, its hard to maneuver through the stores. We window shopped, talked about how crazy expensive all the sting ray leather goods were, and then headed to the birthing center.

Goal 4: Watch some of the horse shows. I had no idea there was even anything happening at the Reliant Arena, but there was plenty going on. Some old man gave us a ride in his golf cart/mule thing, and dropped us off so we didn't have to walk. (I guess 5 girls in cowboy boots is a sight to see....?) He drove off, and we walked in, and people were looking for tickets or gold badges of some kind, which we do NOT have. Oops? Were we going to have to walk all the way back to the stadium with out seeing the western horse shows? NOPE. They let us right in... who knows why? We were just thankful that we all remembered to put on our make up that day. Haha. We had a chance to use the restroom in a big empty bathroom, shop some more, and kick our feet up watching some western dressage looking stuff.

Goal5: Reunite Sarah with her old teaching team. (side story- Sarah used to work at another school, they had too many teachers, we needed teachers, she came to my school. Side/side story- Sarah and I went to junior high together, have been facebook friends since college) Well, apparently, half price Spring Break Wednesday was the perfect teacher team night out because soooo many teaching teams were there! Her old one was there, and she got to hang with them for a while. Turns out, her old team's set of tickets is exactly 2 rows in front of my dad's. Fun!!

Goal 6: Cheer for a student doing mutton bustin'. One of April's students this year was entered to do Mutton Bustin on the night that we were all there. It was even more fun than usual because we could cheer directly for her. She didn't do so well, but it was fun all the same!

Enough goals, let me recap the rest of the night!

We got to the stadium in enough time to watch the Grand Entry Parade, which I have't done in so long. I am glad that we did because something CRAZY happened! We were keeping a good eye on the wagon pulling the mutton busters, because it was bright green, and one of our students was on it. All of a sudden, one of the huge draft horses pulling it just collapsed. FELL OVER. We were like, 'whaaaaaat?"... I have  NEVER just seen a horse staop walking and drop like that, and he wasn't moving his feet around or trying to get up or anything. So weird! They ended up sliding him onto a 'horse ambulance' and telling us they would update us. They never did, but I hope he is ok!

The rest of the rodeo went on as usual, we cheered for the cowboys and cowgirls, drank a few margaritas, and sang along with Miranda Lambert. She is cute as a button, and I am totally envious of her boots. Also, I figured out how to super zoom my camera. When I zoom it in, there is always this extra area of 'zoom', but the little curser never goes there. So, I tried to just hold in the zoom, and presto-chango, I could zoom in on her perfectly! She also sings the cutest songs..... one of my faves? We're Just Like You.... only PRETTIER. and, I have to say, it's true.... just kidding! All in all, it was a terrific night!!

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