Monday, February 20, 2012

26 weeks

Finally! On time for the first time in a month or so! I am 26 weeks today, and that means only one more week until I am in the third trimester and home stretch of this pregnancy! 

We had our 3-D ultrasound this week and heard, yet again, what a little stinker he is! He kept his head in the placenta the whole times, and when he wasn't doing that, he had his arms, hands, and sometimes legs in the way! He wasn't overly active which is usually the problem, but when he would move.... it was totally not what we wanted! Boy has some spunk! When I look at this picture, it is all totally obvious what body parts are which, but I was looking at the same picture upside down on the kitchen counter last night and I swore it was a picture of nothing. It's like one of those Magic Eye pictures, haha!  We did get to see him yawn once, and suck on his thumb for a bit. While I am still glad that we did it, I think that patience would have been a virtue in this case. Our package comes with two sessions, one earlier on and one at 30-36 weeks, so we scheduled ourselves for 32 weeks. Hopefully he will be a little less camera shy, and be able to show us smiles, yawns, stretches, and eyes opening!

As for symptoms, here are the updates:
  • Sciatic Pain- after about two days sleeping on my side, with a pillow in between my knees on a firm mattress, my back and sciatic pain is gone! I am so relieved to have found something that works! A few nights ago, I tried sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees and woke up at 2 with terrible pain again. That next night, I slept the 'tried and true' way, and felt 99% better!
  • Heartburn- Tums are one of my best friends. I have a baggie in my purse, the bottle by my air mattress, and some in my classroom. Where ever I go, I am covered!
  • Movement- He is moving a ton! Today I felt him all day and all over the place. Some kicks above my belly button, some way down low, Tim even felt something poking out (foot, hand, elbow, knee?). I am getting some sliding movement feelings, along with pressing motions, like his head is pushed across one side of my belly. I have even gotten multiple movements at once!
  • Braxton Hicks- I am pretty sure that I have started to get these... I am feeling the whole front of my belly harden, tighten, and it just flat out feels different! It is either that, or he is pushing his entire back and head across my whole belly for about 20 second intervals. Either way, weird stuff is happening!
  • Placement- At our ultrasound, we found out that he is head down, facing my belly (I believe this is called 'Frank Breech') and I have an anterior placenta which means that it is right across the front. I am surprised that I have been feeling so much movement when my placenta is kind of cushioning things in there. 
  • Weight Gain/Belly Measurement- Measuring right at 36 inches and weighing in at +9 pounds. Still growing!!
  • Swelling- So far, I have not had any swelling anywhere. I am a little surprised, but totally happy about this! Ok- wait, I wrote that, and then was thinking about how my face looks fat in all the pictures of myself lately, so maybe my face is swollen a little... Crossing my fingers that my nose doesn't spread or swell, as I have read that it can happen. There was too much money and time recovering spent on this sniffer to be stretched and widened with pregnancy swelling!
  • Looking forward to? Setting up his nursery!!! We ordered our furniture around the beginning of the year, and were told it would take 12 weeks. I get a call this week-end (only 6 weeks later), and am told that it is already in! I am BEYOND excited! I have been saying that I am at a standstill until his furniture gets here, but that is not going to be the case much longer. After it is all set up, I can decide which drawers I want what things in, put away some clothes, put the bedding on, decide what color/size bins I am going to need to order for storage. 
No belly picture this week! I have a severe ear infection, it ruptured my eardrum :( , and I think Hunter's picture is cute enough to stand alone this week!

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