Saturday, November 10, 2012

Big Boy!

I can't believe what a big, little boy I have on my hands!

He can sit up on his own for like, 30 minutes at a time. He will just bounce up and down, play with his toys, and watch every move the dogs make.

He definitely has 'Object Permanence'. If he is sitting in his high chair and I crouch down and hide, he will scooch forward to look for me. If a dog (or one of his parents) goes into a room, he will watch the door for them to come back. While I am walking through the kitchen and he is watching from the living room, he will follow the path that I will take even when he can't see me when I walk behind the large columns.

He can sit like a big boy in a shopping cart! Makes shopping much more interesting for him, which means easier for me!

He will pull himself forward in the stroller, high chair, or shopping cart. He will grab onto that handle, pull forward and sit straight up. It's pretty cute, especially in the stroller!

He also loves to play in the bath tub! Hunter pulls himself forward and is basically sitting on his knees to play with the little 'pocket' that his toys float in. He refuses to lay back anymore!

He still wants to sit up on his own SO bad. If he falls down, or I lay him down on his back, he doesn't let his head or neck touch the carpet. He sits in a 'crunch' position for the longest time just hoping to be able to pull himself up. That boy is going to have some super strong little abs!

But, by far, the best thing about Hunter being a big boy are his heavenly giggles:

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1 comment:

  1. haha I love the sit up photo. That's how it started for Noah too. One day he finally just pulled from crunch to sitting up. Looks like Hunter is doing the same! So strong! How much do you think he weighs now? He looks so long!