Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hunter's First Vacation: Couer D'Alene Lake

Hunter's first summer has definitely been a busy one! Not only was he BORN, he is going to have traveled from one end of the country to another! I went back and forth about going on a vacation with my parents for a few reasons, but ultimately decided to make the trip up to Washington, Idaho, and Montana to visit family. Of course, they are in love, just like the rest of us down in Texas :)

Since I was so wishy washy on going, I missed the chance to catch the same flight as my parents, which left Hunter and I to tackle the airport by ourselves.... eek! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it actually went pretty smoothly. It's not ideal to travel with a 7 week old by yourself, especially when your baby is known to be a fussy one, but he did pretty wonderful! We really wished that Tim could have come, but he much preferred to spend his one week of vacation from work going to Florida, and there was someone else taking off work one of the weeks we would be gone, so he couldn't also be gone :( It was a bummer, and we missed him so much!

Our first stop was Post Falls, Idaho. My parents rented a house right on Couer D'Alene Lake so all of the family could stay there. There must have been 20 people running around this house at certain points, but we are a big close family who does not get to see each other enough so the more, the merrier! There was a great porch swing to enjoy the cool mornings and late evenings on, and we had our own room which was good for his naps. I have a pretty light sleeper on my hands! 

Our house, not the best picture, but you get most of the idea. There was a lower level as well, with another huge porch. We likes that one because it was always shaded!

The top porch had a great swing on it. Hunter loved it!

My mom was a huge help! She is so in love with Hunter! 
We ate at this place that had wonderful pizza, but terrible air conditioning. They said it was on, but it must have been at least 85 degrees in there with no cross breeze whatsoever! Hunter was hot, sweaty, and fussy.... this made a fussy momma! We spent the dinner in the air conditioned car nursing.

We bought this thing to sleep in called a Rock N' Play, and he loved it! It is the same brand and style (Snuggabunny) as our swing and bouncer. He had been sleeping in his swing at home, so this was a nice transition. It was also light enough for me to carry up and downstairs so he could easily hang out with the family where ever we were!

This is the traveling group, my parents, two of my brothers and sister , and my sister in law. We are checked out, loaded up, and ready to hit the road for the six hour drive to Manhattan, Montana! 

On the way out of town, we stopped at a restaurant called Hunter's. Not only was it delicious, it was a great place to get Tim a t-shirt for obvious reasons!

Part two coming soon!
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  1. Noah is not really a fan of the carseat either. I think it's hot and he can't see what's going on. Now he will tolerate it, but before he would have the most horrible fits and we would have to pull over along the side of the highway sometimes just to settle him. So glad Hunter is a super sleeper! You are so very lucky! He is looking so sweet and growing nicely.. Good job, Mama!