Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reset Button

We have discovered that a nice, quiet, warm bath is like hitting the reset button for little Hunter. The other day, while on vacation, we decided to go out for dinner. It was not too late or hot, so after dinner we headed out for a nice walk on the pier to look at some boats, fish, and whatever else we came across. Hunter was a little champion the whole time! He rode all by HIMSELF in the car seat back to the condo (meaning I wasn't in the back seat with him), ate a bottle, and we then walked back down to the beach for about a half hour. He wore his cute new sunglasses, took pictures with daddy, and got many compliments on his undeniable adorableness! 

Here is a quick recap of our night before the storm hit:

The walk on the pier:
 Inspecting trash cans full of fish guts:
 Yes, the Hunt-man is too cool for school:

Back in the room..... it hit. It hit BIG time. Screaming, not crying or bawling.... red faced, tears, and choked screams. Heartbreaking screams leaving both mommy and daddy almost in tears over what to do. We tried diaper changes, swaddles, naked time, food, and any other thing we could think of. 

Set him into the warm bath? He's alllll good. Splashing, kicking, and even some smiles as if to say, "What took you so long to get me in here?"After that, he was dressed, swaddled, and dead asleep all in about 5 minutes. 

He was overly tired, and probably overwhelmed at all the bright, breezy, sunglasses-y newness. I missed it. The yawn... the tell-tale yawn. You see Hunter yawn once? Swaddle that boy up, and rock him till he's down for the count. Look below, how did I miss this yawn?

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  1. oh my gosh, this is too cute and so true! I remember when a bath solved everything! And you are so right about the undeniable cuteness!