Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Months

I was going to spare you the line where I am in disbelief that Hunter is as old as he is, but.... I just CAN'T believe Hunter is THREE months old! He is no longer a newborn, I have to look at the 3-6 month forum on, and we are only one month away from adding rice cereal to his meals. Oh. My. Word.

Time, please slow down just a tad!

In Hunter's 3rd month, he ended his trip up north in Washington and Montana, came home just to drive all the way to Florida! He is one well traveled baby!

This month has been pretty big for him, not just because of his travels, but he has also been switched almost totally to formula. It started with me eating chocolate cake in Montana, and him having two fussy days after that. Then I started researching fussy breastfed babies, and it could be an number of things: milk imbalance, mommy's bad diet, milk protein intolerance, etc. After more and more gassy tummy and fussy days, I tried Similac Sensitive. After a day, he was a different baby. Happy and content to just sit and watch his world, even out of mommy's hands! As much as love to hold my little man, I need to get some things done around the house, too! I am still pumping, and saving the milk to add to his formula, he seems to enjoy these bottles more, and I still know that he is getting good stuff from my milk. I at least want to get through flu season, since he will be too young for the shot.

He has started playing more, he waves his hands all around and kicks his feet like its his job. Seriously, he has the most serious face, and just kicks as hard as he can! It is especially fun in the bath tub! He can also get his favorite toy right into his mouth!

He can get his fist directly into his mouth and suck away. Like, all day long.

He is also drooling and making plenty of spit bubbles. Check out the drool that hangs from his mouth to  my knee.

He is learning to fall asleep on his own.

He wore his first size 3-6 month article of clothing. He still mostly wears 0-3, but I am about to pack them away because they are getting too short for him! Carter's clothes shrink up a bunch!

He got cool new sunglasses.

He is a bumbo-ing fool. One day, he didn't want to sit on the floor in his bumbo while I did dishes (does anyone else feel like they wash bottles ALL. DAY. LONG?). I made a risky move and moved the bumbo to the counter right next to the sink while I did the dishes. He sat and just watched, lol! Keep in mind, I kept my eye on him the whole time, and pretty much did the dishes by feel so I could keep my eye on him. Also, ignore the knife block on the counter right behind him....

He is starting to like his car seat. I mean tolerate it. For short time spans. If he's in the right mood. Sometimes.

He talks like a crazy person. 

The boy still loves him some naked time! Seriously, he loves it! I think he gets hot pretty easily, so the cool fabrics behind him and the fan on his belly probably feel pretty good. Like when a dog lays on the cool tile, haha!

He is loving his new tub!

He slept in his crib for the first night, and slept almost 10 hours. I heard him on the monitor (just talking away), and started getting his bottle put together, then I looked at the clock and couldn't believe it! I looked at all the clocks on the way to his room just to be sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me! I was a little sad because I like him being close to me at night, but it was also just one more step in him growing up, and I didn't think I was ready for it. After one night where I got 8 consecutive hours of sleep, and I am singing a different tune! The next two nights was not as successful, he slept in 4-5 hour chunks, but then the fourth night he slept 8 hours. I am hoping to get him back to his normal sleep times by the time school starts (I mean when the students start). We have a week!

He spent his first week away from mommy during the days. I started back to work to set up my classroom, and he spent the day at nana's house with her and their nanny, Elba. It is hard for me to not be there to make even those small decisions throughout the day. I feel like every time I go to pick him up or drop him off I have yet another request for things that I want for him through out the day. I feel like I am coming off as a crazy mom, but there are some things that I KNOW are important to either get done or not happen during the day.

He also LAUGHED for the first time! Lots of times he will smile and make a laugh noise, but one day my mom was sitting him up and talking to him, and he laughed.... then again.... then I got out my camera. Only, something messed up (maybe I accidentally covered the speaker?), and all you can hear me say in a really high pitched voice is. "Make him laugh again!"... then he does... only the video is silent during that part, then you hear us all say, "That was a GOOD laugh!!". So I have proof... kinda!

There are so many more fun things that happened this month, but it is so hard to keep up with it all!

He is still wearing all 0-3 month clothes, but they are slowly starting to get moved to the, "Too Small" box behind his glider. Most of the 3-6 month stuff is too big and looks silly, but I think pretty soon he will move up.

He is wearing size 2 diapers. This is almost partly because he pees so much and the size 2 holds it all much better. They are a tad too big so he will probably wear these for a while! He weighs about 12.5 to 13 pounds, but is still looking pretty long and lean. Don't get me wrong, he has some chunky spots poppin up, but the length is also there for sure!!

I love my little man so much! I still am in the newborn phase where I just stare at him and wonder why and how I was given such a beautiful baby boy. 
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