Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Have Hands!

In Hunter's 4 month update, I wrote that he wasn't very 'purposeful' during his play time. He would grab stuff that happened to hit his hand and put those things in his mouth, but I couldn't really see him looking at something and deciding to play with it.

That all changed yesterday. I bought a new toy for him that looks like a ferris wheel with a suction cup on the bottom. I thought that it would be perfect to suction to his exersaucer when he got tired of one of his stations, or to his bumbo tray. He watched me rattle it all over the place while I tried to take it out of the wrapping (do they seriously need so many metal twisty ties for newborn toys?). When I put it in front of him, he immediately started spinning it around and around!

He is also picking up items that I put on his belly. I put his rattle on his belly when he is playing in the bathtub,and a teether on his belly when he is getting changed. He loves to pick them up, look at the toy, then stick it in his mouth!

I love that he is playing with his toys on purpose, and it is so fun to watch him discover what each new toy does and how to work it!

He is more aware of his body in general. The other day, I was holding him on my hip, and also holding a bottle. He curved his little body around and down to start sucking on the bottle. Hungry much?

He is also loving playing with his toes! I think it is absolutely adorbs, AND he can almost get them into his mouth! Wherever he is, the first thing he does is grab them and smile. He is pretty proud of his new trick :)

Hunter just HAS to have whatever you are holding. The other morning, I was holding him and brushing my teeth so he wanted the toothpaste. Then, when I got out the camera to take a picture of him holding the toothpaste, he just needed to play with my camera.

I feel like the 4 month mark was a turning point in developmental milestones, I can't wait to see what he does next! He has the most adorable personality, and he may be a tad shy... he smiles at people then ducks his head down, usually into my body if I am holding him and I love it! I love him so much :)

side notes: yes, that is what I look like the morning, be jealous. it is also kind of hard to change a baby when all he wants to do is grab his toes. let's predict how hard it will be when he discovers his manhood down there.
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