Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the Midnight Hour....

He cried more, more, more (more milk that is....)

I was just looking at my nightstand while laying in bed, and find it funny how things have changed so much. 

In my pregnancy, all I needed was my bottle of TUMS. I actually needed a bottle in my purse, my car, in the kitchen.... and by the bed, but that was just me, lol! I actually still have a bottle from when I was pregnant. I just can't bear to get rid of it. I seriously think I am becoming a hoarder with all things that remind me of being pregnant that I just can't get rid of. 

Pregnancy nightstand goodies:

Then Hunter came along. I was breastfeeding, but would pump a bottle before bed so that I could just give that to him. He was waking up a lot, so any feedings after the first one one be breastfed, and after each one, I would pump. My nights felt way too long!

I also needed to keep nursing pads everywhere! Obviously by the nightstand, but I would always keep a few in the diaper bag and a few in my purse. You never would know when things would get out of control! Here is my nightstand at 2 weeks old:

Now, Hunter is pushing 4 months old, and is currently on the tail end of his first cold.
 You can see the NoseFrida (a must have!), saline drops, chapstick for me, Aveeno baby lotion for eczema,  two bottles because he has been waking more because of the cold, the monitor, and a back up pacifier. Usually, he only wakes once, and then we use the other bottle for his first morning feeding... but, you never know!

Hopefully soon, my 'emergency' supplies will start to dwindle!

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