Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hunter Monthly: 7 months!

My little man is 7 months old, and I am loving every second of it! This month was HUGE. I mean HUGE! New tooth, getting into the sitting position on his own, but best of all... he is CRAWLING! 

Sleeping: His month started rough with him sleeping anywhere til 11-2, then waking up frequently. Daddy had the great idea to give him gas drops, which seemed to help and he would wake up at about 3-5. Then mommy started leaving out the rice in his bedtime bottle, and he started sleeping more consistently until 5-6. Last night he slept 10 hours! He started not sleeping well when his teeth started coming in, and we have not been able to get him back to sleeping through the night since then. It has been awful! The problem is that he is still in his Rock n' Play... yes, you read that correctly. We have created such awful sleeping habits for this poor little man! Yeah, sure, he sleeps through the night again, but he needs to have a bottle and be in the rock and play. This is the month that we make the switch! I have almost 3 weeks off work and I am determined!

Eating: This guy absolutely loves to eat! We have not come across a food that he doesn't like, and we have moved into the more 'complete' dinners (those gross purees with meat in them). I am ready for his top teeth to come in, because I would feel a little better about him eating the next step up! He does sometimes get bites of our food, tiny pieces of chicken or turkey (relax, I'm talking 'shards' of meat here), pieces of noodles, and of course soft foods if they are somewhat healthy. I have never thought about food needing to be healthy before, but I just don't want his little body to be running off of crap food. Sure, mommy can have Captain crunch for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and soup and grilled cheese for dinner, but little man has to have fruits, veggies, and meat (just a little) only! He does love his little net thing that you can put a fruit in and he just sucks it out. It looks as disgusting as I thought it would, but he can feed himself a slice of banana or avocado while mommy and daddy eat and we like that!
Here he is feeding himself puffies:

Movement: Little man just decided to start crawling one day and hasn't stopped. Pretty much just like we figured he would! He had been so content just sitting up, that he didn't want to try moving, then he would walk forward on his hands for a few steps just enough to be able to get what he wanted (or realize it was too far away), then he would back up again to a sitting position. He is getting so quick with his flipping over, sitting up, and crawling around! The thing that he wants most is my computer, and when he sees it, he is on a mission! Here is a video of Hunter's first night crawling:

Teeth! We have two beautiful pearly whites! I am so happy that they have fully poked through! Since he was two months old I feel like he has been working on these teeth, and now that they have cut through he is drooling a ton less! Once the first one came through he still wanted to chew and hands were the top choice most of the time, but those baby teeth are sharp! It really made me glad that I didn't nurse anymore!

Size: I think he is anywhere between 16 and 17 pounds. He is wearing size 6-9 month clothing. It is funny because he follows what age he is. As soon as he hits a new age mark (3,6 months) he has changed clothing sizes. I can't believe how much he has grown. I look at the 6-9 month footie pajamas when they come out of the wash and they look so big, they I put them on and they totally fit!

This has been an amazing month, and I am so excited to see what we have in store for the near future. He has already learned how to pull himself to a standing position. He can't do it all the time, but he definitely likes to stand. He is strong enough, he just needs to work on keeping his feet flat and his knees a little bit more locked. He still likes to 'hula' dance around when he stands, so he crumples back to the floor pretty easily! I still need to get around to buying more picture space. I am kinda bummed that I have run out! I had NO idea that I was on limited space! Hope you enjoy the videos while I am figuring out what I am going to buy from blogger....
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