Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hunter 12-18 months

So very much has changed from the time that Hunter turned 12 months until now while he is 18 months. I now have a little boy. A walking, talking, little by! I'll try to caption the pictures, it was hard to choose just this few! This momma takes a boat load of pictures!

First off, let me catch you up:

Sleep: Sleeping through the night, of course. We rock him and sing to him for a few minutes, but he goes to bed very well.

Eating: He eats what we eat, unless he's in a bad mood, then he yells, "Snacks, snacks!"

Talking- Has EXPLODED! He says so many things and comes home each day with a new word! I love asking him what Santa says, he'll say, "Ho, ho!!" He knows lots of animals sounds, can point to and say most facial features and body parts (mouth, teeth, ears, nose, eyes, hair, hands, toes-he doesn't say tummy or fingers, but can show them to you). His list of words is too long to count, but I LOVE to hear his little voice. 

Playing- He has gotten better at independent play, but likes to be rough! He also likes to take other people's toys :/ He loves balls, and loves to ride in his cars (he has enough of them, haha!)

Here is a catch up on his last 6 months of life! I can't believe how much has changed in 6 months, but even more I can't believe how much he has changed in just a year since last Christmas!

Hunt'er's first swim in the big pool

LOVES bubbles!

loves the idea of glasses, hates to wear them longer than .5 seconds

Is in love with his sister

and his mommy :) 
Loves his daddy to pieces. He is a big helper!

Learned to say, "cheeeese", and smile whenever he sees a camera

Still loves his monkey, Boots, and his blanket

Loves Isabella, even though he just has to have what she has

He got his first haircut...

towards the end, he lost it...

until DumDum made an appearance

loves the hose, and outdoor baths in the summer (and early Fall, stupid Texas heat)

He prefers grapes when still in the 'bunch'
LOVES the Kubota

his first campfire

See? He loves his sister!

He is a climber

hates his vest and hat, but knows to keep them on if he wants to go outside

can play nicely with Charlotte

he'll plop down next to her and pat her

he is the cutest little boy on the planet, I swear!

Still loves to clean!

and still loves to climb!

enjoys eating with metal forks and spoons

like to color :) He totally drew that horse ;)


  1. Your little man is so handsome! and really has drawing talent. :)

    1. thank you, and yes!! He's a veeeerrryyy talented artist, haha!