Friday, January 23, 2015

Where Have I Been?!

Wow. I guess I took a little vacation from blogging? I've been busy with life and haven't had time to blog like I could before, and believe it or not, it's not because I have 2 under 2. School is keeping me incredibly busy this year, as well as a few new hobbies. I've been sewing and I LOVE it. I made these adorable ruffle leggings for Charlotte. I bought a few pairs for her on etsy around Christmas, but definitely didn't want to continue to pay $18 a pop just so that she could have every color under the sun.

 There are slight imperfections, but I LOVE them, and can't wait to make more! I promise, I'll update more often, coming soon is a 21 month update on the Hunt-Man and a 9 month update on Miss Charlotte.

Speaking of, can you believe that I was starting to freak out about a party for Hunter starting at 7 months old, and this year I have a double party to plan and have barely just thought of the theme? Eek. I don't know if I was highly overthinking it last year, or if I'm procrastinating this year, haha!

I'll leave you with a few recent pictures of my babies, because they are just so cute, and I'm sure you're having withdrawals!