Sunday, April 22, 2012

35 weeks, 35 days to go!!

I mean, 35 days to go IF I make it that far! My doctor seems to seriously think that my return to work will make me go into labor before that.... and secretly, I hope she is right. Ok, maybe not so secretly! I am just so excited to meet Hunter! He kicks like nobody's business, hiccups like it is going out of style, and is just an all around wiggle worm. 

My mom came with me to my almost 35 week appointment, and she got to see another ultrasound! This one was pretty special, and immediately afterwards I was kicking myself for not asking her to grab my phone so I could video part of it and send it to Tim. It was just a growth ultrasound... he is 5 pounds by the way, and head down... but the ultrasound tech was being kind of rude! She never cracked a smile, and would answer my questions with one word answers. Usually, I ask what they are doing or measuring (even on the off chance that I already know what's going on) and after a couple of questions they kind of get the idea that I want to be informed and then they start just telling me what they are doing. Not. This. Time. Here is how it went down:

  • What are we listening to? (I could tell it obviously was NOT the heartbeat)
    • Cord.
  • What are you measuring right there? ( I was pretty sure it was the femur, because they always measure it)
    • Leg Bone.
  • Can you tell what position he is in?
    • Head down.
    • Mom and I get excited because we thought he was still breech...
    • Nothing. (from the tech)
I just felt weird because usually they are nice and friendly... or, I am by myself so I don't care too much because I am enamored with my baby. This time, though, my mom was there and I didn't want her to think the techs are always rude(ish). They also usually have warm jelly, and this was fah-reeeeezing! AND she kept digging the wand into my belly button even after I told her it was uncomfortable. I was even trying to suck in my belly to make it more obvious that it kind of hurt!!

All that aside, it was the COOLEST 2 minute ultrasound because when she did let us peek at his face we could see his eyes open. NO joking! We could also see him opening and closing his mouth, sticking out his tongue, and making sucking motions with his lips. See why I am almost crying now that I realize I don't have a video to share it with his daddy? Ugh. I have never seen a more clear 2-D ultrasound! Here is the evidence:

After the appointment, I was informed that there was going to be a blood draw. Fun. I seriously freak out. I am so embarrassed. If I have not said this before, I don't like it for the obvious reasons (needles and blood, eek!) and well as the fact that I am a super visualizing type of person. I am visualizing a needle in my vein and if I move or she moves or some freak accident happens that needle is going to poke right through. Plus, I am just visualizing a needle sucking blood out of me into all these test tubes. Yuck. I have said it before and I will say it again... it's all for Hunter, and I am glad to do it if it means we will be prepared for whatever comes up. 

As far as how the 35th week of pregnancy has gone.... it has been pretty uneventful! I am measuring at _____ inches around the belly and weigh _____. I think he may be dropping, but I am totally not sure. I am just noticing more of the I-feel-like-I've-been-on-a-bike-all-day feeling in the pubic bone and I am peeing more than usual. Not more liquid, more often. Sometimes I feel like I was going to pee my pants and a teaspoon of liquid comes out. I'm thinking he is either pressing on it so I feel like I have to go, or he is pressing on it so it can't all come out and that results in higher frequency. Either way, I am walking to and from the bathroom a ton! 

Heartburn is criz-zazy still. I finally succumbed to Tim's suggestion and started taking Prevacid. I like the Tums because it is pretty instant relief, but Prevacid takes a day or so to take effect. I finally started and have noticed that I still get heartburn, but it isn't killing me like before and it only takes one Tums to get rid of it. 

Last bit of important news is that I have been cleared to go back to work! I say that, but my doctor really did NOT want me to go. Tim heard her the first time back at 32 weeks and my mom heard her this time. If I can get at least one more GOOD week of work in before I go into labor, I will be happy!

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  1. almost there! congrats! try to take it easy at work though! 35/36 weeks is still a NICU baby, and let me tell you, you do NOT want to have to leave your baby in there when you leave the hospital! Aim for AT LEAST 38, and I know 40 seems so far away, but every day in is so much better for Hunter's health. Jarvis was 42 weeks and I carried the twins until 38.5, so I understand exciting and uncomfortableness, but just keep remembering it's for his health! On average, babies lungs mature at 37 weeks, but alot of them don't actually mature until 39.