Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Labor and Delivery, Bed Rest, and 3D ultrasound.... oh my!

So.... 32 weeks has been proving to be pretty interesting.

All week-end I had been having very mild cramps, and I was totally torn. On one hand, I remembered that the doctor told me that period-like cramps mean real contractions, and she told me to call her when it happens. On the other hand I already had an appointment scheduled for that Tuesday, and figured I would just mention it then.

Monday, I woke up with pretty bad cramps and as I worked that morning, they got worse and my lower back hurt pretty badly. I called the doctor's office and she wanted me to come in, so my amazing teaching partner took my class got them to large group in time... and then picked them up, did snack, and everything else in the afternoon! I went in and had an ultrasound, where it was determined that Hunter was in the breech position. Yup, his tiny booty is where his head should be, but there is still time for him to get the hang of it! She also took his measurements, and he is 4 pounds, and that sounds so tiny, yet so big at the same time! Then I saw the doctor, and after talking about what was happening, she did an internal exam to see if I was dilated at all..... I am not. Then she sent me to Labor and Delivery at the hospital. Yes, L & D.... it sounds so serious!

I drove over to my hospital of choice while my doctor called it in. They took me to triage, and hooked me up to two monitors, one for Hunter's heart rate, and one to monitor the contractions. After about an hour, it was determined that I was having them every 3-7 minutes, but I really don't think they were serious contractions! I am still wondering what would have happened if I would have never said anything and just rested when I got home from work that day... It's not like I was in labor, right?

The nurse called the doctor, and she ordered up to three shots of a muscle relaxer, one every twenty minutes if they did not stop or seriously slow down. The first one made me super, uncontrollably shaky and my heart felt like it was racing. They must not have stopped because twenty minutes later, they were back.... jabbing me in the other arm. And twenty minutes later they were back at the first arm. Fun stuff. Tim was there for the first one, but then had to go back to work, but luckily my parents showed up just after the last shot and kept me company. I felt bad with them just sitting there, they were so sweet to come rushing over!

After the last shot, they monitored me for an hour, and I only had one more contraction, so the nurse called the doctor and she made the call to let me go home, and start a prescription for the same med just in a pill form. She also put some limitations on me :( No work, very minimal walking, no lifting, no driving, etc.

I am going back on Thursday, I am sure that it would have been Friday, but that is a holiday so luckily that is one less day that I had to take off and one less day that I had to wait to see the doctor. Hunter and I have been laying very low here at the house for most of Tuesday and all of today (Wednesday). I did venture out of the house yesterday, my lovely sister in law drove me to school so that she could help me get some work ready for my students for the remainder of this week. 

After we finished up at school on Tuesday, she drove me to my 3D ultrasound! We have had this planned for about 2 months, and I was not about to miss it! He did not really cooperate last time, but he did this go around. I may be biased, but he is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen at 32 weeks :) I truly think he looks like his daddy with a cute nose and big ole lips. We got to spend 30 minutes looking at our little man sleep with his head resting on crossed arms. I know this sounds silly, but we even got to see his fingers move and a couple of 'dream smiles'. He is precious. We even found out that he has hair :) I can't believe that Tim and I made him all from scratch. I would say all by ourselves, but I truly believe that God plays the largest part in creating life, and I am not about to leave him out of this miracle. If one little thing would have gone differently on September 6th, 2011 (yes, I know the date...), my life would be going in a completely direction right now. If you remember, that was the month that I bought Phaedra, was going to start riding again, and stop trying to have a baby? God had other plans, and now I am growing a perfect little boy in my belly. See for yourself:

Daddy's lips, yes?

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  1. He's gorgeous! Take care and enjoy the downtime! If you need anything, I'm here!

  2. awww sending positive thoughts your way, and yes he is so cute! i am 8 days overdue now!