Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Son Loves to Prove me Wrong!

I swear, Hunter waits until the MINUTE that I post his update talking about the things that he can't do, and then he decides to do them. He likes to make me sweat it out.

I wrote that he wasn't rolling over yet. The morning that I posted that he couldn't do it, I laid him down to take his 5 month comparison pics, and while doing that, he rolled over from back to belly! Then I switched the camera to video mode and he did it again! It was almost like I could hear him say, "Mom, I KNEW how to do it, I just really didn't want to!"

I also wrote that he could sit by himself for about 5-7 second by himself. Ummmm, yeah, try he can sit by himself for a few minutes. He can even keep his balance as he bounces up and down and reaches for toys. Really the only things that get him are lunging forward for things which results in a face plant and swaying too fast sideways and he will just fall completely over, but still in the sitting position. It is pretty funny! Here is a video:

I already wrote all about how he likes to hold his bottles, but now he REALLY likes to hold them. He will sometimes only drink if he is holding it. He also likes to look around. I know he is going to be just like his daddy and only eat when he has to. If there are exciting things going on, Hunter can go forever with out eating. If the exciting things are still going on, he will only eat enough to take the edge off, and then go right back to enjoying whatever had his attention before! His daddy can go a whole day getting ready for fishing or working on a project, then all of a sudden realize he is starving because he didn't eat ALL day. Eats only enough lo live, I tell you.

Hunter is aslo sleeping unswaddled now. I am so happy for the change, since he is the only 5 month old I know who still needed it to sleep. Whatever got him to sleep, though, am I right?  

He did go through a rough week or two where he was waking up through the night and I was so worried he decided to take backwards steps in his wonderful sleeping habits. We finally figured out that he was just hungry. He usually got dinner (oatmeal with veggie or fruit) at 6:30, then a bath at 7:15, then a rice bottle at 7:45ish. He would fall asleep during his bottle and be out for the night. When he started waking up, we were under the impression, "We know he CAN go through without eating, so he must not be hungry". We were wrong. We changed his routine to dinner at 6:30, part of rice bottle at 7:00 until he seemed sleepy, bath, finish bottle. That was all he needed. A full 6 ounce rice bottle before bed and he is back to his usual 7:45-6:00 schedule and we LOVE it. He must have a had a growth spurt, or that fact that he isn't eating as much during the day because he is paying attention to everything under the sun while eating was catching up with him in the middle of the night. My poor man. I remember rocking him back to sleep for 45 minutes determined to not feed him. He woke up 30 min later. I finally fed him, and then he slept. I can't imagine how hungry he was! My. Poor. Baby.

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