Monday, October 8, 2012

Just How Far Along Am I?

We have absolutely NO clue how far along we are. I could have gotten pregnant as early as 6 weeks after Hunter was born, but I find that highly unlikely! I was still strictly breastfeeding, and that is supposed to be a natural birth control.

I started formula when Hunter was about 10 weeks old, so I guess it could have happened then, but I still find that highly unlikely.

We also could be super freshly pregnant and only be 4 weeks along. I am going to go with this but in the back of my head I am thinking I may be just a touch over that mark. Before getting sick, and had been getting a weird back cramp/ache and actually figured I must be getting ready to start my period (not that I remember what it is like to have a period, since I haven't had one in over year....). Then, Tim lost our camera and video camera, and I cried. I cried like my dog died. Then I saw a commercial for sour cream and onion Lays, and just HAD to have them.  I even made Tim go to the store for me to get them. Then, I got sick for a week and was living on Saltines. Then I just HAD to have this certain yogurt.

Back-ache? Emotional? Craving? Sickness?

All this leaves me thinking I could be up to 6 weeks along.

OK- I was wrong.When I wrote the above, I was just barely 3 weeks and 5 days along. Wow, talk about finding out super early! When I went in for my ultrasound a week after I found out, I was estimated to be 4 weeks and 5 days along. Ugh. We will get a better estimate in two weeks when there is a baby to measure!

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