Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hunter Monthly: 10 months


Hunter has grown up so much this past month! He is getting more and more fun each month, but I'm sure you were expecting that statement since I say it every month. I hope that it never changes, but surely we'll hit a time when he is in his 'terrible twos' when I will want to squish him bak into a tiny baby again. For now? Each new age brings more personality, and more fun!

The biggest thing is that he is walking. Full on, can almost run, walking everywhere! He can bull doze almost anything without tripping, but when he does trip, he'll just stand back up and be at it again. This has led to bruises and even a busted lip. Scary mommy moment, when your child hits their head, and then looks at you with blood pouring out of their mouth.

Lots of times he will hold my hand when we walk long distances around the house or in the driveway, but there are times where he refuses and shakes his arms and pulls them away because he just wants to do it himself. He is VERY independent!

He is still loving to eat, and has a few new favorite foods. He absolutely loves watermelon, but if I give him a whole wedge then he will put as much in his mouth as he can and take a bite which scares me to death! This means I still cut up his food into more manageable pieces! He also loves papaya! We have started also giving him what we are eating for dinner, such a pieces of rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, and hopefully daddy will be able to catch some fish soon because we are dying for him to try it!

I may very well be biased, but I seriously think that he is super smart! He has figured out stacking toys (you now, the colored rings?), opens his puffs containter with his mouth, and walks me over to what he wants to do (usually the bath tub or the door to go outside). He absolutely loves to be outside, and after about 10 minutes of playing inside he will go look out the window or back door. 
He is a totally rambunctious boy, but I love it!! If I wasn't pregnant, I may be able to enjoy the constant running around a little bit more, but for now I am exhausted! When I talked about wanting a girl, my mom would always remind me about when she was pregnant with me. She didn't know what she was having, but already had my brother, and she kept wondering, "How can a girl be this much fun?" I am totally getting what she is saying! He is a ball of energy, and has definite likes and dislikes! Loves being outside, hates to be cooped up for too long. Loves his blankie, hates when someone else has it. I could go on and on.

I think it was a month ago that I wrote about planning his birthday party, and I have done nothing for it yet! Eek!! Only about a month more! I know there are really two, but I want to it to be pretty much planned before I get too big!

Before I leave, here is a whiny picture, but he just looked so darn cute in his overalls!

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