Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh My, What a Big Boy, I Have!

I can't believe how fast Hunter is growing up! 

I went to Stride Rite in the mall to get his feet measured and well, remember how I keep saying his feet seem ginormous? Well, they pretty much are little bricks down there. He is measuring right at a 4, but the lady said, "They are definitely a WIDE. See how..... ummm... thick and, ummmm..... tall, they are?"

Yes, lady. I may have noticed that my son stomps around like a giant. Haha, sad to learn that the Sperry's I have been eyeing do no come in wide, but when we tried them on, they fit enough. They fit well enough to not leave little red marks on his feet  when we take them off, and decent enough to last until we get family pictures taken. Look at these precious little foot accessories!

Also, speaking of big boy activities. I pretty much have a walker on my hands! Just one week ago (when I took the video), he started taking a few steps here and there, and this weekend he started traveling across the room. He can also stand up by himself from the floor! He will be crawling as fast as he can and then a few steps before he gets to mommy, he will stand up and walk to me. He really wants to walk! 

He is also getting so good at playing all by himself.... when the mood strikes him right! Last night, he went to bed almost an hour past his bedtime, all because he was just playing in the living room so contently! He would go from toy to toy, then over to his special puffy container (the lid is a slit open silicone so that he can reach in and get them out, but they don't just fall out) and eat a few puffs. Then he would find a new toy. He has one walking toy that is pretty light weight.... and he knows it! if it get stopped or stuck he flips it over or just lifts it up and tries to move it to where there is a bigger opening. Smartie pants! It's funny when you catch a glimpse of him walking it from behind. He looks like a little old man at the grocery store with his walker. With his thin hair, and poked out ears, and not always super smooth walk and all. 

My man is precious. But, he is growing up too fast!
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