Friday, March 8, 2013

Third Trimester, Baby!

I kind of wish I was an Aggie, so I could have followed that title up with a 'Whoop'! (Are non-aggies allowed to 'whoop'?)

YES- we are in the third trimester! If you would have asked me 7 weeks ago, I would have  never thought that we would have made it here, and I am truly thankful! As I type, Charlotte is playing around in my belly, not kicking, but swimming around in there or something! Yes- she can probably swim around in the 16 cm of fluid that she has in there. That's right. Who went from 2 cm to 16 cm in 6 short weeks? This girl.

Besides the fluid level being at a totally normal level, we also got a growth ultrasound today. We only get them every three weeks, even though we get an ultrasound every week to make sure that the placenta in nourishing the baby like it should. It showed that overall, she is in the 12th percentile for her gestational age, which is a heck of a lot better than the 'under 5th' percentile that we started this roller coaster in. The placenta and cord are working just like they should be, but since she is still so small, they are going to continue to check them every week. I follow a forum online and one woman who was due to give birth the same month as me had to give birth at 26 weeks because of 'reverse cord flow', and that is something that is detectable with these ultrasounds that I am getting. I do like knowing that things are getting checked regularly! Here is precious baby girl here:

As far as pregnancy symptoms and all.... I have it all. Raging heartburn (hope she is born with hair!), frequent potty breaks (I am drinking a ton of water, though), leg cramps, insomnia, still some nausea, as well as the all too pleasant pubic bone pain/pressure.... AKA- did I ride my bike to work this morning? Because that's what it feels like! 

After our good appointment, I had a few minutes to run into TJMaxx, and I found this awesome rug! I had a hard time being able to tell if it was a light blue or a gray in the store, so I figured I would pick it up and try it out in the room. I was pretty excited when I found it for such a good price, since everything I have been looking at is in the $500 range for a 5X8 rug. But since we have a mysterious red carpet stain right in front of where the crib will be, we have to figure out something!

Unfortunately, I got an e-mail that our crib is back ordered even more than it originally was... and it will arrive on Hunter's birthday. Come again? That is only 3 weeks before her due date. Although I am expecting to have her late, don't ask why,I just think she will be late, I wanted to have her crib here before I order bedding. I obviously can't wait that long if her crib is only coming 3 weeks before she is due! I am still beyond annoyed!

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  1. She sounds like she's on track! Just for reference, Noah was always on the smaller spectrum and was like in the 16 percentile at birth. You and your hubby are skinny people and she's a girl which girls tend to be more petite. So happy she is growing so well! Don't forget to rest and elevate your feet above your waist... it helps with circulation and can eleviate those leg cramps!

  2. Wow that's pretty impressive fluid growth - that's such good news!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Baby Shower, Alice x