Monday, May 6, 2013

Hunter Monthly: 11 (and a half) Months!

This post is beyond late, and now I can't remember which skills and personality traits were before or after the 11 month mark, so I will roll it all into one! His 12 month update will mostly be about his party anyway, so this works :)

Hunter is just so... cool. Seriously, Tim and I both feel that our son is cooler than Brad Pitt. We may be biased, but I'm not sure!

He is so smart! I am so stunned every day that passes and he shows us something new that he has learned or picked up on!

We already knew that he was walking and practically running, but now he is pretty much running with authority. It is better than a fast walk, and it looks less 'out of control'! He has a new thing that he likes to do which is stomp. Not like, "Hey Hunter, stomp your feet!", its more like he is trying to smash things into the carpet or cement or wherever. One day, there were some pretty bIg ants in the driveway at my parents' house, and we kind of showed Isabella and Hunter how to 'smash' them. Isabella really didn't want any part of it (such a girl!), but Hunter really took to it, haha! He will sometimes throw a puff on the floor and smash it. Not my fave thing to see for the carpet, but over a few days you could really see how his 'aim' was getting better! Also, luckily he doesn't do it too hard, and it ends up stuck to his foot!

Hunter does the cutest thing when he wants something. He will pick up your hand and walk you to what he wants! It is beyond cute! One time, he was sitting on the couch eating a pouch with Tim, and when he was done eating, he picked up Tim's hand and put the pouch in it! He mostly walks us to the pantry to get the broom, the fridge to get a squirt of whipped cream, the freezer for blueberries, the door to go outside, his bedroom to get in his little man chair, or the bathroom to get a toy from the tub.

He is also talking so well! At least, in my opinion he is! He babbles constantly, but there are so many words that have meaning now as well. He can say:

  • Baby- He knows that my belly and the word baby have some sort of correlation, but really I think he thinks it means my belly button. He insists on m shirt being up (and will pull it up), and jamming his tiny finger in my belly button.
  • Agua- He doesn't say water (dang it), but knows how to say agua really well! he loves to drink ice water like mommy!
  • Ball- he loves his big yellow ball (you know those that they keep in a 'cage' at Target?) He is very good at throwing and kicking them as well!
  • Blueberry- Loves them frozen, and they turned into his only food that he would eat while suffering through the worst days of Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Sounds more like "Boo-be-be", but he points to the freezer, lol!
  • Hunter- he can say his name!!
  • Mama and Dada- but he also babbles these randomly, so they don't always have meaning, dang it!!
  • Thank you- He is very good at saying Thank You when you hand him something, it sounds more like "Ta-ta"
  • Please- This is a pretty new word, and it sounds like "Pee". We try to make him say please when he asks for something, but if he is already getting upset about it, he will just yell at you.
  • Bubble- he loves bubbles, but he also says it when he hears the opening song of Bubble Guppies
  • Up!- He will let you know when he wants to be held or lifted to reach something! Or after he drags you somewhere, if it is up high he will take you and then say, "Up!".
  • Uh-oh!- this is my favorite! If he drops things, whether on purpose or accident, he will say (quite loudly), "Uh-Oh!!!"

What is more amazing to us, is how he responds to phrases that we say that he completely understands. Here is what he understands at this point:
  • Open/close the door- he loves doors, but will follow your directions when you ask him to do it
  • Bring me the ball
  • Where are your shoes?- He will look for and bring you both shoes
  • Where is your foot?- Without hesitation, his right foot will get lifted straight up
  • Share- if you hold open your mouth, he will try to feed you, but if Sophie is around, he will chase her around with puffs to feed her
  • Want a bite?- If we are eating dinner, he will come over and get a bite from our forks
  • Bubble Guppies?- He will go to the TV
  • Wanna dance?- Hunter will bounce up and down
  • "It's time for Lunch!"- This is a quick song they sing from Bubble Guppies in every episode, but he will come over to the tv and dance. If the TV isn't on, and we just say it, he will still bounce up and down!
  • Outside- He will go to one of the doors, then he whines if doesn't actually get to go outside.
  • Give a hug/kiss- he loves to give hugs, but kisses he gives more sparingly. He love, loves to hug his stuffed animals and Isabella. 
  • Uh-oh.... it's the tickle monster!!- He gets this big grin, and then tries to run away, but giggles so hard when the 'tickle monster' actually gets him!
The boy LOVES to be outside! He loves to dig, get into water, run in the grass, collect leaves, and drag around one of daddy's old fishing poles. He actually loves all long pole type of things (brooms, swiffers, shovels, fishing poles, etc.). That, and cords. He found a monitor that we bought up in Montana (just a sound monitor), and drags it around the house like its his job. I can definitely see a toy that drags around behind in his future! He is very drawn to any cord and hose that he sees.
Hunter is a huge fan of eating when he is hungry. What I mean is he will try pretty much any food when he is hungry, but if he isn't hungry, he just wants to play! The other day we ate at my parents' house when family came down, and he tried all sorts of fruits, fajitas, chicken salad, shrimp, you name it. One day, I gave him his puffs container in the care, and this is what I opened the car door to:
I say this every month, but he is a total joy, and we love every second of being his parents! Like I said, he is a cool cat, and we feel privileged to be his parents.

Here are some random pictures from his 11th month:

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