Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dear sweet baby Jesus, is Charlotte seriously home? And why in the world do I miss the NICU? 

Actually, I can tell you why I kinda miss the NICU... you see, when you are there, the nurses make your bottles and warm them, and will even change your baby's diaper if for some reason you don't want to. And, oh yeah, at night, they take amazing care of your baby even while you are peacefully sleeping 8 straight hours in your lovely king sized bed. 

Well, as happy as I am to have her home, SO happy by the way.... we had a superbly rough night last night. Each night nurse I talked to on the phone told me that Charlotte loooooved to be awake at night. Like, no matter when I called. While I thought it was strange, it didn't quite resonate how it would affect me when I took her home. 

She was up. ALL. Night. Long. Like, ALLLLLL night long. She would eat, then squirm and grunt and groan and cry and want her pacifier. The same pacifier that she can't quite keep in her mouth by herself. And then she would settle for about 10-15 minutes, and then the cycle would repeat. Holy Moly. I am so exhausted today I can't even think straight!

All that being said, I LOVE having her home. She is HOME!! She is eating, and sleeping well during the day, and hopefully tonight will be better, but we feel so blessed that our little miracle baby is home with us! In our arms without cords and wires at last! 

We have been through so many scary and iffy times since January, and she is HERE. She is healthy. I think that when both your neonatologist AND pediatrician call her a miracle baby, you realize what a fighter you have on your hands. 

Sweet Charlotte, I can't wait to spend all summer with you and your brother!

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog on TBB! :) I love what I've read so far but it is so hard for me to navigate your blog because of the style/format! It could be just me, but I wanted to let you know!

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    1. Awesome! I love the new look!!! :)