Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hunter is ONE!

My baby is ONE!! While, I wasn't with him much on his real birthday.... you know, being in the hospital and such, we were able to celebrate his birthday a little early. I figured that this would be the one and only party where I get to solely pick his theme. I can already imagine what his theme may be for next time around (Bubble Guppies, anyone?), so for this party, mommy chose SOCK MONKEYS!!

I had a big grand party in my head from the beginning, but when things went crazy with the pregnancy the party kept getting more and more downscaled. In the end it turned out perfect, and Hunter and all of his friends had a blast!

Here are some pictures from his big day, there aren't many, because I was too busy enjoying it with him!

Here are the kids playing at the water table..... while Hunter wanted to dig in the dirt!

Some of our decor, I can't believe I didn't take pictures of it all!



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