Thursday, February 5, 2015

Turning 30

Turning 30. Yikes. I now know what it means to possibly go through a mid life crisis. Not really, but at least now I know why/how people go through them. 

My 30th birthday dinner was spent with my husband and kids, all under the age of 3, remember? Well, my mom thought that it would be a good idea to surprise me by having one of my best friends and he husband and two new babies show up at dinner and that was a total win.

But then the elder two of my kids totally boycotted the whole waiting thing when we were waiting while the restaurant figured out how they lost our reservation. Then they tried to make it up to us by putting 13 chairs and car seat slings around a table made for 8. We complained, they moved us. (but seriously, it was comical with us trying to figure out how and where to sit and place babies... only to all sit down and decide we just can't do it)

Then my son who is kinda potty training, kinda not, went pee pee in the big potty at the restaurant, but while we were still flying high on cloud nine he went poo poo in his pull up. So much that it all smushed up and leaked out all over his jeans. We also forgot clean pants. That meant that Tim had to sit in the truck watching Nemo with him while we ate our dinner. Then the babies woke up and that was fun. I mean not fun. Because they weren't happy. No, there are no pictures, because there was either conversation or chaos. 

Ahhhh... such is life. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband, babies, family, and friends. 

I just got a flash of what a monumental birthday would look like if we didn't have three children still in diapers.

I got a flash of those time before kids when we thought that we couldn't afford a fun getaway, yet here we are making these hefty weekly child care payments. 

Those days when I would come home from work and then that would be the end of my work day, and now there is still mommy work to do. All. Night. Long.  

Like I said, I LOVE my family, and I am SO incredibly lucky to have my three healthy, gorgeous babies. But sometimes, just for a second, I catch myself thinking... what would have happened if we had not taken this fork in the road? 

The path less traveled? I'm not sure. [ reference: Robert Frost ] {If you don't remember, you should go back to high school English :) }

I chose the right path, it is just hard right now. The things that are worth the most in life are never easy, amIright?

Don't read too much into this. I am not the only momma who looks at life and just for a second wonders what her life would be if she had done this different or that different. Only a second. 

Maybe, I just need a vacation :) A cruise, a resort, a beach, a tan...


  1. Hugs girl! I have 3 precious kiddos and somedays are just ....

  2. Hi Jenny! I absolutely love your vlogs and have been following you since you were pregnant with Charlotte. Your family is absolutely adorable and you make turning 30 sound awesome. I will be 28 this year. I mean this in the nicest way, but I would recommend just a brief re-read before posting. It was difficult to follow at first due to missing letters. I totally understand your a mama of 3 under 3 and a full-time teacher and wife. I am only letting you know because you asked for a comment and I want to be honest with you! Keep the blog post and vlogs coming! <3 to you and your family. <3 Jenna

    1. Thanks for replying! Like you said, I am busy with a capital B, haha! I did re-read and found one missing letter, but that is it. Oh no! My smarts is not so good these days, haha! I Can you let me know which other ones are in here? Nothing bothers me more than silly non-intentional spelling and grammatical error when I read blogs!