Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pregnancy Week 19

I am the worst mommy! With Hunter, I managed to do a weekly bump update, and here I am at 19 weeks just starting!

We are almost through the first half of pregnancy, and I still can't get a hold on what is happening! I started with pretty bad nausea, and around 13 or 14 weeks it seemed to go away. As soon as I would start telling people that it is gone, I would get 2-3 days of really bad morning sickness. It was so bad that I wanted to go home from work a few times! I would say that it is gone, but I really don't know. That.....and I don't want to jinx myself!

I have had about 4-5 days total of a really bad sciatic nerve pain. Last night, it was so bad that Tim had to carry me to bed, and I went to sleep without even washing off my make up! With Hunter, I had it, but it was more of a functional sciatic nerve pain. It was steady, it hurt really bad, but I could still walk around. This go around, it flashes on like a strike of lightening, I can't bear weight at all on that leg, and it will go away after a few hours. Usually, it comes and goes like that throughout a day or two and then is gone completely for a few weeks. I am thinking that my sweet, sweet Charlotte is laying back on my nerve with the way it comes and goes. When she gets off of it, I am totally fine, but when she is laying on it I am almost incapacitated. This is definitely not ideal when caring for a seven month old!

My appetite is finally back, and I find myself snacking all day long. I am very surprised to find that my normal sweets are sounding just nauseating to me. Tim asked what kind of birthday cake I wanted, and the thought of cake almost made me sick! Can I have a fajita cake this year...? Don't get me wrong, I still munch on sweets all day, but cakes, cookies, and other sweetly baked goods just sound like the worst idea!

The saying 'No' to big sweets may be part of my weight managing to stay the same so far, though, and I am thankful for that! After Hunter, I managed to get down to 5 pounds under my starting pregnancy weight! I am still at that number on the scale, but this is the time last pregnancy that I finally started to gain weight so I am expecting to see the numbers rise any day now!

In the beginning, I had tons of headaches, and Tylenol doesn't do a darn thing for my headaches so I was left to suffer (or take my special headache meds, but I don't like doing that). Since hitting the second trimester, I have only had a few, and a long night of rest with some Tylenol manage to keep at a workable level.

We have started in on her room, and I am so excited to get some more furniture in there! We have had the room painted a grayish purple color for a while with white crown and wain-scotting on the bottom third of the wall for a while. It was my craft storage room.... as well a the dog's room.... and the store whatever else in there we wanted room. We started a couple of weeks ago, and it is coming along nicely!

I have been feeling baby move for a while, but it has been so faint and random. I have only managed to feel her with my hand one time, so I am glad that we have the doppler so I can hear her heart beating and check in on her that way. With Hunter, I felt him move at 18 weeks, and felt him with my hand at 19, so I am sure it will start any time now!

As a recap, here is the 18 week belly:

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