Friday, January 18, 2013

Switching Gears

It is so funny, when I was pregnant with Hunter I had so many girl nursery ideas running through my head it wasn't even funny. I was absolutely SET on our girl name, Harper Grace, and it was almost hard to shop only in the boy section.

Over time, that has obviously changed, and I almost can't get my mind to accept the fact that we are having a little girl! I am so beyond excited, I think I am getting worried that we will go to our doctor's appointment next week and they will say, "Oops!", it is actually a boy! I just can't believe that we got so lucky to have a perfect and adorable little boy, and now we are prepping for a dainty little girl! We actually got the elective gender ultrasound that my OB's office offers, and when we left I was totally satisfied that it was a girl. Then I watched the DVD and became totally unconvinced! I called the 3D place where we had Hunter's done and she said that she could get me right in. I have a great 'girl' picture, and  am pretty convinced at this point! I just didn't want to think I was having a girl and then at the anatomy scan get told that it is a boy! I would have loved another little boy, and getting to use Hunter's old clothes again; but thinking you are having a girl and planning on that, only to be told later it is not would be like losing a girl (I think...). 

We have chosen a name, Charlotte Ryan, and have started getting her nursery prepared. I *think* I have chosen her hospital pajamas, and have plans to make all sorts of bows. I have even seen the standard blue and pink striped hospital hat that the nurses slap on your baby so you don't cuddle a bloody conehead as soon as you give birth, but get this: it has an adorable BOW on it! Oh my, my, my...... That just sent me into Etsy baby girl paradise, and I can't stop myself! Mostly, I am just getting ideas and pinning them to my Pinterest board that I have set up for her.

Here is what we have so far for her nursery. We are waiting to pay off my OB's bill for her birth (they make you pay early), and then waiting on our tax return to buy the crib, but I am really excited with each new piece of my 'vision' that arrives on our doorstep! We already had  some of these items, we are just repurposing them to use in her room. I am even feeling crafty and having a coworker cut out let letters for her name on the wall, and have plans to cover them in fabric.... we'll see how that turns out!

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