Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grow, baby, grow!

We finally got another measurement ultrasound and I am so excited that Charlotte grew over two weeks worth! She is following her own growth curve, but its not like we were expecting her to grow 5 weeks worth in only 3 weeks time. She had a bad environment for who knows how long, and that greatly restricted her growth, which, in turn, prohibited her ability to help produce fluid.

Currently she is measuring about 21 weeks and I am a little over 23 weeks. She is still behind, but she is now working on her own growth curve. We need to keep in mind that Tim and I are both smaller people and she also may just be a smaller baby. When this whole thing started three weeks ago, she was under the 5th percentile. They don't tell you how far under, she was just under. Now she is in the 7th percentile, which is obviously a very good improvement!

On top of the good news of her growing, my fluid level is up over 11 cm!! She was moving an absolute ton in the ultrasound, and I love to feel her kick and stretch. We feel truly blessed to have doctors who feel as concerned for fixing Charlotte's environment as we have, and I am dreaming of the day where we can introduce her to the doctors who helped her and us so much.

We didn't get any pictures of her today, but I will make sure to ask for one next week! Thank you all for your prayers!!

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