Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hunter Monthly: 8 Months

I started this post when Hunter turned 8 months old, and with all that has been going on with the pregnancy I forgot that I have not put it up yet!

Hunter is growing up so amazingly fast, but that's ok (for now), because every age that passes quickly becomes my new favorite!

The little man now has 5 teeth! Yes, FIVE! Only four are showing really well, but the fifth one (the other big front tooth) is poking through enough to count. It is so strange to look in his mouth and see all of these little pearly whites. Especially that big front one! He went though a stage of 3-4 days where he was grinding his teeth and it made the most awful sound. I had friends who came over to help with Hunter and deliver meals for Tim and I who can vouch for the terrible sound.

Hunter is a terribly fast crawler, but is very interested in standing, walking along furniture, and letting go to see how long he can stand on his own. One of his new favorite things to do is to stand up by the window and watch the dogs. Sophie is pretty antsy outside, so she makes for good entertainment. She will run to the grass, then back to the door by the window over and over again. He loves it! He will stand at the window and talk and slap his hands on the glass. He loves dogs, and I can't wait until he is 4 or 5 and we can surprise him with a puppy for Christmas or his birthday. I can't think of anything more fun than a little boy and a puppy (ok.... maybe a little girl and a pony)!

He loves doors, and things that he can open and close. He is also starting to stack things. When I am trying to work in the kitchen I will bring out a few plastic containers for him to play with and make a ton of noise with on the tile. They fit perfectly inside of each other, and I am not sure if he is purposely stacking them or if it happens on accident. Either way, it happens a lot! He loves to crawl to a door and swing it open and closed, he does the same with cabinet doors and the drawer under the oven. Definitely baby proofing is in our very near future!

The boy loves to make noise, noise, noise! Banging, talking, and yelling..... he loves to make his presence known! He is fun to watch with Isabella, he loves to watch her play and I think that watching her walk around is his motivation. He knows that his horizons will greatly be expanding once he can walk! For now, he will crawl over to her and take whatever toy that she has. Luckily, she is very patient with him! The only thing she doesn't like him to take..... the last puff out of her bowl (or her hand). But he doesn't care- it's already in his mouth!

He has started taking big boy baths in the bathtub! We only put 3-4 inches of water and a ton of toys. He can crawl around and splash and yell as much as he wants, it is a blast! Don't worry, we keep our hands either on him or very close all the time. If he is crawling and slips, is poor little face would be straight in the water, and mommy is NOT ok with that possibility.

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