Tuesday, March 13, 2012

29 weeks

Today is a great day! I turn over in weeks (only one more week in the 20's!!) and it is the first official day of Spring Break! 

A couple of things have started this week which are pretty cool, like feeling his hiccups! To me, they feel like a very slow, hard pulse. Not hard kicks, just something of his being thumped against my belly, whether it be his feet, butt, or head. At first, I thought it was my pulse, but they are much slower than that, and so much slower than his, considering it is still in the 120's to 140's. 

I also think I have a pretty good idea as to where he is at during the day. I have that silly heart shaped uterus (uterus of love...?), and so he is kind of limited as to what he can do in there. Most of the time he is head down, but not the good kind, he is facing the wrong way. So, his head is down and his body is up the right half of my uterus. When he decides to look for a change of scenery, he moves his head over to the left side and his butt follows and pokes out of the right side so he is transverse. I get the impression that this is happening because I feel tons of pressure on both sides of my belly, usually I am even able to feel hard lumps on each end, and during the movement process I feel all sorts of kicks and slides. 

As for me? Getting out of bed has become a major process. I have to determine whether or not I really want to get out and pee or just try to hold it. Getting out of bed always wins. Its not like I am a huge whale of a pregnant lady or anything. Its just that my stomach muscles have gone from so-so, all the way down to obsolete. It is really hard to lift straight up from a laying position, and even just switching sides is an ordeal. I also decided to super clean my kitchen this weekend, and found out that mopping takes a great deal of ab strength, way more than I thought it did, and way more than I have right now, haha! 

My rib pain is at an all time high, and I think it is because of how he lays. Any kick goes right to those organs. When I mentioned it to my doctor, she got a super concerned look on her face, which completely freaked me out! She said that it could be gallbladder disease, which is pretty prevalent in pregnant women because of the hormones, and if that is what it was then they usually try to REMOVE them in the first trimester! She didn't think that is what is was because of my history and body type, but you never know, so she ordered another ultrasound. They looked at my gallbladder, liver, and kidneys; but found nothing out of the ordinary, so it must just be his positioning. I am glad that I said something rather than just thinking it was all normal, because it could have been something very serious! 

At the appointment, I also had my 1 hour glucose test and an ultrasound. I finished my drink in 5 minutes as instructed, and had my finger pricked an hour later. I was so nervous that I would fail, have gestational diabetes, and have to prick my finger every time I eat. Nervous me had nothing to worry about, I passed with a 107! I think you are allowed to go up to either 130 or 140, so I was totally in the clear! Also, I didn't think the drink was all that bad. I was able to take it home after my last appointment and refrigerate it, and I drank it on the way. I can see how it may be gross if it was luck warm, though!

Here is a picture of our perfect baby boy :) I will say that I am growing more and more certain that he will have a 'large' nose..... about half of his pictures show a rather large nose and the other half show the typical cutesy baby nose. Either way, he is perfect! Have a look for yourself:

This was a growth ultrasound, and the tech was in no mood to just let us look in awe and wonder at our baby boy. I think we only missed a commercial break (they always play Food Network in the waiting room) and we were done in just a few minutes. Luckily, we will get another 3D ultrasound in about 2 weeks, and then another growth/position ultrasound in 6 weeks. Then 4 weeks from then (or sooner!) we will get to meet our little man!

My weight is up 15 pounds and the belly measured exactly 38 inches this week. Still growing pretty consistently in the measurement department, not so consistent in the weight gain department. How can I go from 18 weeks of gaining zero pounds, to gaining one pound every week, and now I am up to gaining 3 a week?! This cannot be!! To look at all of the bump pictures and get a list of my weight gain and belly measurements throughout the pregnancy, check out the tab up on top that says: The Bump! I will update that once a week, because I like to compare them side by side :)

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