Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lost Valentine's Pictures

Somehow, I completely forgot to post about Valentine's Day! I was emptying my camera card, and found just a couple of pictures from the day. Keep in mind that Tim and I never really celebrate Valentine's Day. It comes at a bad time, first comes Christmas where we spend a lot of money (who wants to skimp on Christmas?), then comes January when our HOA fee ($1000!!!) is due, as well as my birthday. By the time we get to February, we are tired of writing checks! We are both totally fine not doing much for Valentine's, and just enjoy each other's company!

This year, I managed to find a holiday color appropriate shirt to fit my ever expanding belly, and Tim surprised me with flowers :) My students had a blast at our Valentine's 'party', and I left for home that day not too completely drained of all energy. It was a good day. We exchanged cards, and I surprised Tim with a homemade meal. I have to say surprised because those homemade meals are hard to come by when your wife is getting more and more pregnant, can't stand the sight of raw meat, and works all day on her feet with 24 kindergarteners.

25 weeks pregnant

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