Saturday, March 10, 2012

Delicious Diapers

Ok, so maybe diapers aren't so delicious. But, I made them look pretty darn appetizing in a diaper cake that I made for a good friend. 

Super easy to make with a little help from tiny little rubber bands, a boat load of diapers, cutesy ribbon, paper mache boxes, and a little patience.

While I didn't have the forethought to take a picture of the process while making this diaper cake, I do have some pictures of the inside of another co-worker's cake that we made together. I like using the boxes on the inside, so that you can fill it with goodies and gifts, but keep the clean look on the outside.

Here is the cake made for little Kennedy 
Here is the inside of the bottom layer. We used a smaller
box for the middle layer, and an even smaller box for
the top layer, which was filled with flowers and the letter
The very first time I made a diaper cake, I used the boxes, but not the circular cake trays on the bottom. I naively thought that the ribbon, if tied tightly enough, would hold all of the diapers in place. I made it out  to the car, all the way to Waco, TX, almost to the door when the whole thing fell apart. I was holding it like a tray by the bottom center box, and all of the diapers fell down around me... into the flowerbed, down the walkway, and I was left looking like a little girl who just spilled kool-aid all over her Sunday dress. Sad and ashamed. I will not make that mistake again! 

Each time I make one, I think of some little way to tweak it so that it looks even better than the last, and I can't wait for more friends to get pregnant so that I can make more!

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  1. These are so nice, I love the idea of having a box on the inside!
    Helps with the shape as well, I made a diaper cake once and it was anything but round!
    Visiting via Sunday social blog hop.
    New follower as well :)