Friday, May 25, 2012

Birth Story

I was induced Thursday morning at 7:30 in the morning of May 17th. Here is a breakdown of what all happened that day, Hunter's birthday.

4:45- Wake up, shower, do my make-up and gather last minute things to get packed.

5:15- Leave for the hospital, we are scheduled to get there at 5:30, but of course, I run us late!

5:45- Arrive at hospital and get wheeled to the birthing center. It is kind of weird to be wheeled where there is nothing technically wrong with you, while your husband walks behind. It gives you time for the nerves to build, because you know that this is actually happening.

6:00- We are given a room, number 7, my lucky number. I get changed into a gown and settled into bed, while Tim starts slowly freaking out! (I guess this is when HE realized this is actually happening!)

6:30- Nurse comes in and asks Tim and I some questions to get things started. Since they are on night shift, and that ends at 7, they are going to have the new shift start the IV. This is fine by me, since I am scare to death of IV's. I have had a few, and they always do a small numbing shot before they start and I hardly feel a thing. When I asked about this, they said, "We never do the numbing shot, if you want it, then the anesthesiologist do it." Great..... now I am the girl that needs the anesthesiologist to come in just to set up an IV. 

7:30- Tim is getting restless because we have been waiting an hour and I am still being a baby about the IV. Finally, a nurse comes in and says that both my doctor and the anesthesiologist are around the corner and one of them will start the IV with pitocin to start labor. 

7:40- My doctor, who I love, comes in and joyfully starts the IV WITH the numbing shot. Luckily, I was already having contractions on my own, and I was 1 cm dilated and 90 % effaced. She also breaks my water, which was totally different than I thought. I always thought I would want it to break at home, so that I would KNOW that I was in labor. Now that I am aware of how much water is in there.... I don't ever want it to break unless I am in the hospital already, haha! It wasn't just one big gush either. Every once in a while, I would get another big rush coming out. A few times, I said, "I think I just peed a bunch".... but then would realize that it was a rush of water from either Hunter or myself moving around!

8:30- The nurse comes in a checks me, my contractions are definitely there, but not to painful. I am 100% effaced and a good 2 cm. 

9:00- My parents show up, and Tim leaves to quickly go home and take care of the dogs. My mom was a great nurse, she brushed my hair which felt so good, and also rubbed my feet!

10:00- It has been an hour of bad contractions, Tim definitely missed the show! Not that I put on a 'show', but I would be talking to my parents and about every 1-2 minutes have a strong contraction. Pretty soon, they got to where I had to concentrate on them, stop talking, and my parents had to remind me to breathe....
10:05 Anesthesiologist is near my room, so my nurse comes in and asks if I want an epidural while the gettin' is good. I have had an hour of pretty bad contractions, and figure I should get it. I was planning on it anyways, I have felt contractions, and I am now so over toughing it out! The doctor comes in and, set me up. It really didn't hurt too badly, but it was hard having contractions through the whole process!

10: 15- The nurse comes in to set up my catheter, another thing that I am scared to death of! I am a total baby and it hurts too badly to let her do it. She decides to make a round to her patients and come back.

10:30- Tim is back now, and so is the nurse! This time, I don't even feel the catheter, and am surprised when she is done in about 5 seconds! Before it took 5 minutes, and it was so painful.... I am so glad I waited!
She also checked me and I was a 4! Nice to know the pain wasn't for nothing! Then she helped lower Hunter by helping some more water drain out. This made it so there was no longer a cushion between him and myself, and this helped me progress even faster.

10:30 to 12:45- Visitors are slowly arriving, and I am totally numb! It would have been nice to sleep a little! The only thing that I could feel about my contractions was my tummy tightening. It was so nice to not have pain! 

1:00- I am checked and am now a 7! Aghhhh... this is going by so quickly!! Moments of awkwardness... having your family and in laws behind a little curtain in your room while you get checked. It is such a quick thing that you don't want to make them all leave, but you definitely don't want them watching!

1:00 to 1:50- we are all sitting around talking and joking, Tim is thinking there will be a big build up when I hit 10 cm. Boy was he wrong!

2:00- I get checked and am a 10! This is it! Everyone leaves the room... pretty slowly I might add... My dad and brother quickly left, but I figured when the nurse asked if I was ready to push they would jet outta there! 

Tim is getting super nervous, and isn't quite sure what to do... I am nervous because I am wondering what pushing will feel like. (I have also heard that pretty much everyone poo's when they push and I did NOT want that to happen!) I wanted my mom to stay in the room, and she was super excited about this. She has never seen a live birth, and I wanted a little more support, in case Tim freaked out, or fainted, or whatever! She was also designated photographer!

2:00 to 2:30 Pushing with contractions, after a few, I am even able to say when I am going to have one. It was funny because it didn't hurt at all, and I was always waiting for pain. I just went with the flow until I felt pain. It never came, so I never got too nervous and anxious! It was also funny because on either side of me, I could hear my mom and Tim also hold their breath with me. By the end of a contraction, we were all three out of breath! On thing funny that happened as a result of the epidural and my legs being numb, was that one of my legs (that hubby was supposed to be holding...) dropped off the table when they lowered the bottom portion. I felt something happen, but couldn't tell what it was since I was so numb!

2:30- The nurse says that he is in position to call the doctor. Luckily, I have the most amazing doctor, and as soon as the nurse takes off her gloves to call her, her phone rings and it is my doctor! She had a 'feeling' that it was time for the big finale!

2:40- Doctor arrives, and gets all suited up. It's different seeing her in these clothes rather than just regular scrubs! We push for a couple of contractions, and then decides that his head is stuck at my bone. She grabs the forceps, luckily, I can't feel a thing! Somehow the light fixture right above me doubled as a mirror (they said that just happened, and wasn't planned) so I could see what was going on. I made sure to ask if they were going to hurt him, and she said no... then I asked if they would hurt me! Really thanking my epidural right now!

2:54- Hunter makes his big arrival!

They brought him over to the warmer to get weight, measurements, APGAR scores, and all that good stuff. Then.... I finally got to hold him. 
Trying to see him, wondering why he's not crying

Major conehead!

Proud Daddy!

When do I get to hold him?

Already sad that it's gone

One of the best moments of my life


Our new family!

Trying to keep everyone updated is pretty hard!

Super proud grandparents!

Both of the red headed Nana's

Daddy did not like him having to get shots!
I don't know if I said how much I loved my nurse, but she was so sweet to come by the next day and check in on us. I made sure to get a picture before I missed my chance! Please ignore the puffiness.... they pump you with fluids and pitocin well after the baby is born!

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  1. Great story! You have so many great pictures, I think we'll keep my mother-in-law in the room with us because my husband will be too nervous to take pictures!