Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hunter's Nursery

I 'think' Hunter's nursery is finally done! It is finished enough to post pictures, but ideally we will add a few more decorative touches here and there. It was kind of hard because we have also been storing all of his baby goodies in his room so it appeared way more full than it actually was. I finally talked Tim into moving all of Hunter's supplies into the sitting area of our room and it really cleared out! Imagine having two strollers, a pack and play, a bassinet, a swing, and a bouncer all in a small bedroom and then removing them all at once! Here is our current bedroom situation:

I wanted something pretty simple, with a color scheme rather than a theme and if you know me, then it will come to no surprise that his color scheme consists of blues and browns. I say those plural because there are a few shades of blue and a few shades of brown all around then entire room. Somehow, green has snuck it's way in, so there are a few different shades of green in there as well! We wanted it boyish and not babyish.

Almost all of the picture frames are empty, but you can get the general idea! Once we get his newborn photos taken they will fill the frames, and take out some of the 'white space' from the walls! I love these frames from Cut It Out Already, but they took forever and a day to get them in! They also come unfinished, so Tim was out in the garage spray painting them for a few nights! They are a pretty porous material and soak in all that paint, it is hard to get a good coat on them. Now that they are here and hanging, I really want some more! If only I could get up the courage to try to distress the edges to show more of the beveled edges... the problem is that if you do one, you must do them all. What if I don't like it? What if they don't some out even? What if I mess up the paint job and Tim has to redo it? Decisions, decisions!

It also took some persuading on my part to get hubby to hang the pom pom balls, but I think it makes the ceiling seem a little less empty. They were from the baby shower, and I couldn't bear to just toss them out! I have seen so many nurseries with them hanging, and just had to give it a try! I wanted either three or five bunched in the corner, but Tim would only settle on hanging three. I know its a boy room, but he is a baby! He is not a 28 year old man like him.... not yet, anyways! Still not sure if they will stay, but they are hanging for now.

Here is the nursery for now:

Furniture: Baby's First Furniture (Brand: Natart----- took foreeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr to get in!)
Bedding: (retro owl)
White Frames: Cut It Out Already
Brown/Blue frames: Hobby Lobby
Cornice Box above window: Pier 1
Glider: Babies R Us 
Owl and Monkey: Pier 1
Marlin stuffed animal: gift from Grandma and Grandpa from Hawaii!

I love it and canNOT wait for him to get here!
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