Sunday, May 6, 2012

36 and 37 Weeks

It is May. We are officially in the month of our son's birth. I am in utter shock. There are only 21 days until my due date, and I am hoping and praying that I don't go over, I don't think I could stand the wait!

We had a pretty eventful weekend with our baby shower, and we are so thankful for all of the wonderful goodies that we were given! There is not much that we have to exchange, we only got doubles of three things; and then the only thing that we pretty much NEED and didn't get is the breast pump. But who wants to go in groupsies to get your friend a breast pump?
36 weeks
Tim spent a while getting all of our goodies from this shower and the last one put together. I can't believe how many pieces some of these things come in! The shower deserves a post in itself because my mom, mother in law, and sister in law put SO MUCH work into this shower, and I feel truly blessed to have them in my and Hunter's lives!

As for Hunter and I hitting the 36 and 37 week marks, we are hanging in there! I have been able to work two full work weeks, and feel pretty proud of myself! There have been a few days with a ton of cramping and stomach tightening, even accompanied by lower back pain. I would imagine these to be mild contractions, but after a while they go away completely! Boo. One night they were pretty time-able, but after about 30 minutes of uncomfortable contractions spaced evenly at 5 minutes apart, they slowed down, I was able to sleep, and woke up feeling pretty normal. Go figure!

Heartburn is back, BIG time. I was taking Prevacid, which seemed to be making a world of difference, but once I ran out of my 14 day supply it was back in full swing. Tim ran up to get me some more, but the only thing they had was Prilosec. NOT the same thing, I can now assure you. I also just ran out of TUMS and it is too late to run up to the store. Tonight will be interesting, to say the least!

My stomach feels rock hard all the time, and I'm not sure my skin can stretch any further. I hope my baby oil can pull through for another couple of weeks. I also think that I have spotted a stretch mark. Sad face. Boo. Ugh. I have an appendix removal scar, and I have noticed a small red line extending from it. I am going to ask the doctor when I go on Monday, mainly because she can get a better look! The scar is on the underside of my belly, and I can only see it in the mirror! The belly button is still hangin' in there, but getting so small! I think before it pops out it will just disappear completely and I'll have a smooth belly.... either look will be just as odd as the other!

Swelling is out of control. I wake up swollen, it gets worse as the day wears on, and I can no longer wear my engagement ring. Luckily, my wedding band still fits, so I still have something sparkly to wear, haha! Thankfully, I can wear some type of sandal or flip flop on a daily basis. My parents bought me a pair of Toms this weekend, and when my mom put them on me they barely fit because of all the swelling! Sadly, it has also moved up into the ankle, calves, and I swear even my thighs are swollen. This means the comfy yoga pants that I have been wearing are now tight, and I have cankles most of the time. Yes, I have cankles. We were doing great until the 36 week mark (9 months), and things have gone down hill fast!
Swollen feet and cankles :(
At least the wedding band still fits!
You probably thought I was done with the complaining of symptoms, but I have one more for ya. Break outs. My chin looks terrible, and I think I have even broken out on my scalp. My hair gets oilier when I don't dye it for a while, and since it has been 6 months it is getting pretty bad! The weird thing about my chin is that I usually get one specific pimple every time I start my period in the same place on my chin. I now have this again. I am hoping that it is a sign of soon to be labor because of a surge of hormones. Maybe?

One cool thing about this weekend is that we are having a Supermoon. It is a full moon that happens once a year, and I think it is closer than a typical full moon. Full moons are said to send many women into labor. I am hoping that means super moons are extra powerful in that department!
Super Moon? Doesn't look any larger to me! 

We had a doctor's appointment at 36 weeks, and will have another one tomorrow for 37 weeks. I am not dilated and it makes me feel kind of sad. I really thought something would have happened in there by now! We also had an ultrasound and found out that he is head down and fluid levels look pretty good! Another interesting development is that his estimated weight is 6 pounds 4 ounces. That is almost a full pound over what he weighed a week ago. At this rate, he will be an 8 pound baby at birth!

While Hunter is gaining weight at an alarming rate.... so is momma. I am up to 25 pounds so far. It is so weird how you think that it won't bother you, but when you see those numbers just keep growing on the scale, it is still a shocker! I seem to gain in spurts, nothing for a long time, then gaining, then nothing, and now gaining again. My guess is that I will be 30 pounds by the time this guy comes out!

We have another appointment at 37 weeks tomorrow, so I can update then. Cross your fingers for something to actually update on!

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  1. You look beautiful even all swollen! Hope your appointment goes well and there's some progress! Glad you've been able to get a few weeks of work in.