Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post Pregnancy: One Week (the good, the bad, and the ugly!)

I am used to posting belly pics and increasing belly measurements and weights.... hopefully, this will be the reverse of that!

I think that I have done fairly well post pregnancy, I am down to 9 pounds over my pre-pregnancy  weight, which means that I have lost 16 pounds. I know that I lost about 10 in the hospital with baby, water, and placenta.... but then after a few days I was swollen like nothing I have ever seen before! I woke up from an hour and a half sleep stretch and felt funny. My wrist felt like I slept on it funny, and knees and ankles felt like they were asleep or something. I look at my wrist and my whole hand and arm are swollen, same with my feet, ankles, calves, and knees. I had to call the doctor because I felt for sure something must be wrong! She said it was totally normal and that your body has so much fluid running through it while pregnant that it gets reabsorbed into the body, which results in puffiness. By day 7 I was feeling much more normal, but still some residual swelling.

I can't wait to see what happens to the baby weight after I start taking walks and jogs! I still look about 4-5 months pregnant, and I am ready for that be done with. I don't mind looking pregnant if I actually AM pregnant, but now that I am not, I want to feel like my old self again. I truly miss being pregnant, I have even cried about it, but if there is no baby bouncing around in there, then I want to be skinny and fit again! Gosh, it was just a couple of months ago that I was looking at my old pictures missing that body, but I would not be sad if I woke up with a pregnant baby belly!

My milk came in at about day 4, and boy is there sure a difference! I have never had to buy Large sized bras before, but now all of my sleep nursing bras have to be large or they cut into my boobs. I wake up and they are rock hard, and I either need to pump or nurse in order to be comfortable. I think I messed myself up because of the trouble that we had in the hospital. Hunter was a little bit jaundiced, and I only wanted to breast feed. Not having milk resulted in not many wet diapers, which resulted in the bilirubin levels remaining elevated. We finally broke down and gave him some formula to help flush out his system, but when we got home I started pumping just to see what exactly he was getting while breast feeding. This created a higher demand, and my body is certainly making up for it!

Also, I did NOT get away unscathed. I have found 2 stretch marks. The one that I thought was a mark attached to my appendix scar, and then another one all by itself on the other side of my belly. I have heard that they fade, and I am hoping this is true! I know that I got off easy, so I am not complaining! I am also wondering how long it will take my linea negra to go away, or at least start to fade. It looks even darker now that the skin is not all stretched out. I knew that they usually go away, but was surprised when I researched it that it may take up to a year!

The couple of days after giving birth resulted in some major swelling, ahem, down there. I had no idea things could get so swollen! Saying that, I was surprised that things were pretty much back to normal after about day 6. I am ready for the bleeding to stop, though! After 10 months of being scared of seeing blood, my body is making up for it big time!

I think that's everything as far as momma goes, Hunter's updates will be separate, but his is already posted!


  1. I know how you feel, the days after birth are the weirdest for your body! By week 3 I dropped 30lbs.! It's been 3 months and I still have my linea negra, its slowly fading, I hate it!!

  2. Oh my goodness he's so tiny!! I love it!