Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day

This year was Tim's first Father's Day! We had two little celebrations, and I hate to say.... I dropped the ball on this one. Things have been pretty hectic with this newborn living in our house! 

For our early afternoon, we packed up and went across the street to my sister in law's house to eat and relax with Tim's family. Everyone loved seeing Hunter, but he had just eaten and so he was able to be held by Tim's dad until he fussed, then by Tim's mom for a while and fell asleep in her arms. Then he slept for almost the whole time we were there! I know people want to see him awake, but I really wanted him to keep his daily nap. I am really trying to get his schedule to stick!

After that, we came back home to let Hunter eat again. We also changed and got ready for an early dinner with my parents at Del Frisco's. Hunter fell asleep on the way there and slept through most of the dinner. When it became apparent that he was waking up again to eat, I asked the waiter for a mug of the hottest water he could bring me. He ended up bringing a pitcher of steaming water which warmed his bottle perfectly! They were so accommodating! 

The dinner was delicious, and it was nice to sit down in a nice restaurant again, even if I was paranoid that the baby would start screaming any minute! The last time we went there was for Mother's Day right before we had Hunter, but I had been craving this chicken that they have ever since! 

It has been so awesome to see Tim as a daddy! He has never really been around any babies, so this is a totally new experience, but he is helping as much as he can and I know that once Hunter gets a little older they will be inseparable! I have been blessed to have an absolutely amazing father in my life! He is kind, loving, supportive, generous, and someone that I look up to very much!

Here are some pictures of our dinner:

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