Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hunter: Week 2 (pictures at bottom!)

I can't believe that Hunter is two weeks old already! This week, he started showing major signs of a blocked tear duct. It started as just an eye booger here or there, and as each day passed, it got worse and worse. Finally, a few days ago, it was both eyes being crusted shut after each nap that he took. I researched and research, and was fairly certain that it was just a blocked tear duct, and Tim and I tried some "Google Approved" remedies, but finally we just didn't feel comfortable and got him to the doctor as soon as we could! It's too bad that the worst part was during a holiday weekend, so we had to wait an extra day! We made it to the pediatrician on Tuesday, and she confirmed the blocked duct, and showed us what we can do. Luckily, there is no infection, but that also means that there are no drops that will work, and we are left massaging the area and trying to keep it as clean as we can. I really hope this goes away soon! Look at his poor little eye when he woke up Tuesday morning!

On Thursday, his official two week birthday, we went to the doctor again and got his new percentiles and weight. I can't believe the stinker already weighs 7 pounds, 4 ounces! He is getting to big! He is 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight, and she was really happy with his weight gain progress. His circumcision looks great, so no more messing with vaseline at diaper changes, and his peeling skin is now pretty much only located on his little feet. 

This week his cord fell off, and I pretty much cried. I happened to be on the phone with Tim when I was checking his diaper and noticed that it was stuck to his onesie. He could hear it in my voice when I said, "Oh goodness, his cord fell off!". I wasn't trying to sound sad, and I know that my hormones were doing all sorts of wack-a-doodle stuff this past week, but he asked what was wrong. It's just that that was the link that he had directly to me for 10 months. Before he even looked like a baby. Now, it's gone. It just fell off. Husband was really sweet, though, and tried to make me feel better. He said that Hunter is connected to me in so many ways, and that just because the physical link isn't there anymore, doesn't mean that we aren't connected. In fact, he was so sweet that I cried even more, haha!

This past week also passed Hunter's real due date! It was weird, May 28th was a day that I had looked to for so long, and when it came, I still felt like something should be happening! It actually landed on Memorial Day, and we went to my parents to eat hamburgers. My dad had been in Portugal for a golf trip, but came home early so it was nice for him to see Hunter again. He hadn't seen him since the first day in the hospital, where he still looked white, swollen, and cone-headed!

Hunter is eating like a maniac, I think each of his feeds are about 3-4 ounces. I have to say, he seems to do better with a pumped bottle. He eats very well from the breast, but seems to have trouble getting full and sleepy. When he eats from a bottle, though, he will usually fall asleep while eating. This may be due to him getting older and spending more time awake.

Speaking of more time awake.... he has some serious day/night confusion. He has kept me, and sometimes his daddy, up for a few hours each night. He eats, but is just wide eyed and bushy tailed! Very frustrating when he slept the first chunk of night ok, but as soon as midnight hits, he is ready to party til 3:00! We talked to the doctor about this, and while it is normal, it is tiring. I am going to try to wake him every 2 hours on the dot during the day, and keep his night time feeds very quiet, dark, and simple. Eat and lay back down. Cross your fingers for us!

I wish I had more pictures, but I left our nice camera at my parents house, and seeing as I have a newborn.... it was kind of hard to get over there to get it! I promise, week 3 will make up for it, but for now, here is what I did manage to get!
Hunter and Daddy!

Finally asleep after 3 fussy hours! You can see how I tried to 'entertain' him :)

No more cord means real baths!

Snuggle time!

Memorial Day, his original due date!


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  2. Oh no! Noah had gunky eyes too. Everyone swore up and down that if I squirted breast milk in his eyes that it would clear up. That never did a thing for him, but what did work for us was putting a little bit of regular neosporin around his eyes like you do with under eye cream (not too close to the eye lash line). I cleaned his eyes with a warm wash cloth and reapplied every 2-3 hours and the next day they were pretty much clear! It was a miracle! haha I hope you can find something that will help little Hunter out too!