Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hunter: 5 Weeks

Seriously? 5 Weeks? Time is flying by, which is good and bad. If it goes too quickly then I will have to start work sooner than I would like, and Hunter gets further and further away from being the tiny newborn he was when we brought him home. But- it also means that the cranky, sleepy, fussy, all day eating days will move past us and we will be in the more playful days! 

This week, I tried to take pictures of the things that I would want to include in the 5th week update, so that I could just post the pictures with little captions. 

Meeting the girls and their babies for lunch!

Still love his hair :)

Tex was trying to steal his toys

Had to move to the 0-3 month size :(

This swaddler shrunk, and he worked both of his hands out!

Snuggles with daddy on Father's Day

Tummy Time... he can last much longer with a pillow before crying!

We had Father's Day, and Hunter turned one month old

He started liking his froggy Wubbanub more.... sometimes!

He still loves snuggling on your shoulder

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