Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hunter: 3 Weeks and 4 weeks!

Aghhh! Late again! It is really hard to get extraneous things done on time when you are behind on sleep, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping,  cooking, and cleaning..... and the only thing you want to do is stare at your gorgeous baby!

During Hunter's third and fourth weeks of life, he decided to have a growth spurt. This meant fussy nights, fussy days, tons of eating, and little sleeping for a couple of those days. Luckily it was back on schedule after that, and mommy got some of her sanity back!

Hunter is starting to show some major likes and dislikes...

He loves bath time, but hates the getting out and dried off part!
He loves his bouncy seat for short naps, but needs to be sleeping in a vibrating pack and play for night sleeping.
He loves to eat, and hates to be kept waiting for food! It is a waste of time to make a bottle less than three ounces... unless I am supplementing a 3 ounce bottle and he needs more!
He loves to be awake from midnight until at least two, and although he hates to be swaddled, if I cuddle him long enough he quits fighting it and falls asleep for the longest stretch of the night.
He seems to love being outside. Although it is super hot right now, if we go out even just for a few minutes he will settle down and either sleep or look around. I think he likes the fresh air!
I *think* he loves the song "Springsteen", by Eric Church. Either that or he just loves swaying back and forth with mommy whenever the song comes on!

This week, daddy had to go to the hospital for a really bad staph infection. This made things really hard on mommy! In order for me to go to the hospital to visit Tim, I had to leave Hunter at home with a babysitter, and it is the most odd feeling! For over three weeks, I have been in very close vicinity to this little guy, and driving away from home without him felt odd and just wrong. My mom keeps telling me that when I am ready to go somewhere without him, then I will just know. I am NOT ready. I want to know that if he is fussy or inconsolable, that everything is being done to make him feel better. When the person taking care of him is me, then I know everything is being done. I know that I will not get so frustrated that I will walk away to let him cry. When I am not there, I just don't know that that is happening! That being said, when I had Kristin and April come over to watch him, I made sure that it was during times that he very much enjoys sleeping!

Hopefully from now on I can keep up the weekly updates, but here are his pictures for weeks 3 and 4!

I love his hair!


  1. Yay! no more gunk eye! Hunter is so cute and you are looking great! Don't worry about the posting, you'll get to it soon enough. I just forego sleeping to write my blog, which is crazy. Be normal and sleep! haha

  2. Love the pictures! Especially the one of your dad (?) kissing Hunter! We are telling my parents this weekend and I get teary just thinking about my daddy with my baby!!!