Thursday, July 18, 2013

Charlotte Monthly: 2 months

Awwww, my little girl is two months! Poor thing still acts kind of like a newborn, because she is still the size if a newborn! At her two month appointment she weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds 6.6 ounces, which is smaller than many of my friends' babies when they were born. I swear, we will be having a party if little miss actually gets in the 1 percentile! I mean her weight or her height, poor girl's head is 3rd percentile! She was pretty miserable the day of her vaccines, but I got to do this:

Charlotte is actually staying awake a little more during the day and sleeping a little more during the night, so I have nothing to complain about! She is working on holding up her head more, but isn't quite up to where Hunter was at this age. I can't quite blame her, seeing as head is 3 whole percentiles bigger than her body! 
She is so much more of a pro at tummy time than her brother was! We still work mostly on my chest or work on her neck strength while on my shoulder, but part of that is due to the fact that I don't want Hunter to try and 'play' with her while she is on the floor. He loves her so much, but sometimes it's more reminiscent of Lenny loving on a puppy! He just goes at her and won't quit trying to give great big bear hugs! 

Her legs are super strong though and she will dig her toes in the carpet or my belly and launch herself forward! My mom even noticed just when she had he on her shoulder to burp her. You can also see the muscle tone in her legs! 

Her napping happens all throughout the day and she isn't on any type of schedule, but they can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I would normally wake her up if she has gone longer than 3 hours in between eating, but I created a motto when Hunter was little.... "Never wake a sleeping baby". Ok, so maybe I didn't coin the phrase, but I learned that I should listen to it! 

Her relationship with the swaddle is of the 'love-hate' variety. She may love it, loathe it, or meet me in the middle and just require one arm to be free. I am not quite sure why I love it so much.... If I were swaddled I think I would lose my mind, but for some reason, she must be a burrito for every nap in my eyes! Oops!

She has given us handful of social smiles, but Hunter was the same way. I remember when he was 8 weeks I was just beginning to get them consistently from him, so I'm going to cut her some slack. The first 3 weeks of her life outside were actually still supposed to be inside AND not only was she outside she was living in an artificially warm plastic box getting food delivered straight to her tummy via an ng tube! Little sister is only supposed to be 5 weeks old, and 5 weekers are not usually giving tons and tons of non gassy, social smiles. 

I really need to stop comparing her and justifying why she is slightly behind my friends' babies developmentally, but I can't help but compare! But don't misunderstand.... I am SO proud of where she is right now! She will always be my miracle baby! I may need to remind myself of that while rocking her wide eyed self to sleep for an hour at 3 in the morning, but she is and will forever be my miracle. The baby whose perfection was unexpected by some, the baby who started fighting before she was even a pound and fought her way to three and a half pounds by the time she was born. 

 Charlotte likes her pacifier way more than big brother did which is nice for us to have a way to soothe her when she's a little irritated! 

She is still fitting into newborn size clothes and diapers, but since the clothes are fitting almost perfectly I suspect we will only have another two of three weeks in them. That's fine by me because clothes just get cuter and cuter on them as they get bigger! Up until recently, she was wearing the smaller half if her newborn clothes, but now she can fit in pretty much all of them. I got so excited because that meant her wardrobe was expanding! Here is her first outfit that wasn't a purposely shrunken newborn set of pajamas: 

Pretty gorgeous, right?

She also got her newborn photos taken and I am blown away by her beauty every time I look at them! 

Here are a few more random pictures from our month, these have been almost all Instagram photos because I always have my phone on me so that's where most photos come from these days! 

Here I ventured out if the house to get the mail:

All headbands made by mommy, of course! You can find them here. And you can follow us on Instagram at jentimhuntchar and I tend to update and check out Instagram all throughout the day on my phone so please comment me your Instagram username so I can follow you! 


  1. The pacifier looks so big in her cute little tiny mouth. Enjoy that sweet little Charlotte. She's a cutie.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, those Soothie paci's seem so big!

  2. She's doing great! And soooo cute!

    (I'm @ruppenstein. I couldn't find you when I searched, so feel free toaddme :D)

    1. I found you! Thank you, I do think she's pretty precious!

  3. Oh such gorgeous pics - I just had to feature one of them at the Friday Baby Shower.

    Size is such a funny thing - my daughter was born on the 50th centile at 37 weeks but fell rapidly and at 3 is now in bottom 0.1. She seems otherwise strong and healthy so v hard to know whether to worry about it or not.

    Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx

    1. Thank you! Wow, you're daughter must be just the tiniest little thing! It's so funny, though, people see her think we've got a fresh one, so I feel the need to explain everything about why she's so small!