Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love Bug

Hunter has become quite the love bug lately, and I love it! He has a blanket that I bought on a weekend trip with my mom. It was way colder than expected so my mom bought Hunter this soft blanket that we found at one of the first shops. Somehow, this has become his number one lovey, and he drags it from one end of the house to the other! He sleeps much better when it's in bed with him, and he doesn't like for anyone else to have it. 
He also has two monkeys that he love, love, loves to snuggle with! The brown is a Scentsy monkey with a lavender insert, and the green was a decoration that he discovered one day and it hasn't been back on the shelf since!

Whenever he is sleeping, he loves to cuddle with one of his monkeys or his blankie, but this summer, we've been out of the house more and more during nap time. Look at how he's been sleeping at nana's house! 
Yesterday, he did something so, so cute! He has three HUGE stuffed animals, a big sock monkey from nana (Tim's mom), huge moose from his aunt (Tim's sister), and huge bear from grandpa (Tim's dad) from when he was delivered. They all sit in his room and yesterday he kind of disappeared on me. After a few, I heard him whining and he came to get me. He had been trying to drag out his huge bear. It is much too heavy for him to drag out, so he walked me back there and insisted I bring it to the living room. I did as I was told, but he wasn't happy with that. He wanted it IN his chair. Then he wanted to sit IN his lap. They can't both fit.... Trust me, he tried! Here was his process...
Can I sit, too?
Maybe if I push back really hard....
One more try
Big Blue has had enough, and retaliates 
Notice how he has picked up the blankie?
Mom got creative....
And finally figured out a way to watch Dora together.... Quite intently, I might add...
Aaahhhh, sweet, sweet success! 

The boy has also been pretty lovey on his sister , too! He tries to pick her up which is scary for mommy! 
Sometimes he hugs with just his head :)
Thinking about sharing his blankie! 
Trying to pick her up.... 

Sophie also gets in on his lovin'!
These hugs are not reciprocated! 


  1. Awwww!! How cute!!

    My 4 year old is obsessed with his Gloworm, "she" goes everywhere with him. She even has a voice and a special language....

    Love your style/children's style - you should join in with my linky on Tuesdays, Trendy Tuesday - it's a children's style linky.

  2. We have a special blanky that is increasingly bedraggled but sleep really not possible without it. Thanks so much for sharing, Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx

  3. So adorable! Reminds me of my own lil pumpkin! no sleep for months but so happy!