Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feels like Fall

Feels like fall? That's not something a Houstonian typically says in the middle if July, just go ahead and take my word on that one! 

On Sunday evening we got a ton if rain and Monday morning I woke up to a cool 84 degree morning! Since Hunter was up and a little fussy, I threw on a bra and my tennis shoes, stuffed him and his blankie in the jogging stroller and set off! 

I was so excited for fall weather last year so that I could utilize our jogger but found out I was pregnant even before the thermometer could get below 90, and the heat, the morning sickness, beginning of the year kindergarteners, and, oh yeah, a 4 month old really put a damper on my workout mood. That means that yesterday morning was the first time I actually got to jog with it! 

It actually didn't go as wonderfully as I envisioned because I forgot that I needed to lock the front whee. Once we got up to speed I felt the stroller bounce around so much I worried the wheel was going up fly off and send Hunter hurling in the middle of the road. #workoutfail

We ended up just walking, but Hunter still had a blast! 

I enjoyed the 'cool' weather so much that I even kept the air conditioning down low so that I could throw on my new comfy sweatshirt! 

Until November, I think this is the best I'm going to get!

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